Sunday, March 6, 2011

We All Used To Be Apple Seeds!

Woohoo!!  Week 5!  Now that I’m growing a baby inside of me, everyday seems like it’s worth celebrating, because everyday we’ve made it a step further into the first trimester (which, as any mom knows, is a little worrisome)!!  So now we’ve graduated from poppy seed to apple seed… serious progress, if I do say so myself.  It’s crazy to me that at the size of an apple seed, our baby is currently forming it’s heart, spinal cord, and the beginnings of major organs.  WOW!  Life truly is a miracle, huh?!  We all used to be apple seeds!!

This past week has been pretty good – Feeling pretty exhausted at the end of the days, with killer lower-back pain… but other than that, I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that a life is growing inside of me.  The hub and I decided it was time to tell our parents.  We were dying to share the news with SOMEBODY!!!!  With his birthday being this week, we knew we’d have a chance to tell his dad and stepmom and his mom and stepdad in person.  (We’re still waiting to set a dinner date with his mom and stepdad… it’s killing us!)

Since his stepmom's birthday is also coming up, we decided to meet for dinner this week, and within her birthday gift was Always Have Popsicles, a book that talks about how to be the best grandparents.  So as soon as they got to the restaurant, we made her open the present right away – we couldn’t contain ourselves!  So she opens it up, and she’s looking through the book, and they already have a grandson (my sister-in-law's baby) so I just KNEW she was going to think it was about him.  So we’re just sitting there, holding hands under the table, waiting for the realization to set in.  I thought my obnoxiously loud heartbeat was going to give it away!! 

So my hub's dad looks at the book, and you could kind of see a smile creep across the corners of his mouth, like maybe he had it figured out, but didn’t want to get his hopes up quite yet… So then I said, “We figured you may need that a little more now…” and then it hit them!!  They were so excited and their reactions were perfect.  My father-in-law said, “When?!  When?!”  And we told them sometime in October, that we are still very early but needed to share the news with our parents and especially needed their prayers during this anxious, hopeful time.

Meanwhile, about three hours away, there was quite an important letter sitting in my parents’ mailbox, waiting for them to get home.  We’d tried to time it perfectly so that they would find out around the same time (since there really was no way to tell my parents in person anytime soon), so I’d sent the special letter in the mail on Tuesday.  Well, I knew they usually got home around 6:00ish, so we’d hoped we’d have a chance to talk to my parents on the way to the restaurant.  But, lo and behold, no phone call.  It was driving me crazy!  FINALLY, about an hour into our dinner, my phone rang and the screen said, “Mom.”  Yessss!!  Hub and I jumped up from the table, I answered the call, and we were flooded with tears and excitement from my parents.  They’d finally opened the poem, which read:

“Digby, grab your hammer,
And get ready to do your best…
‘Cause we’re gonna need you to add
Another name to the toy chest!

Grammy, grab your knitting needles,
And maybe another crib, too…
‘Cause sometime in October,
We’ll have another grandchild for you!”

We spoke to them briefly, promising to call them on our way home from dinner so we could fill them in on all the details.

There’s something about having our parents know that gives me a greater sense of peace.  You see, I truly believe in the power of prayer, and I can feel their prayers, their wishes, their hopes.  So can my little apple seed.  And I will continue to let myself experience the joys of knowing that my hub and I are going to have a baby, believing in God’s plan and that the little one growing inside of me is just fine.

Our first ultrasound is now less than three weeks away – We can’t wait to see the precious heartbeat and finally get a due date!

In the meantime, I will continue to fight the urge to spill the beans to every single person I know.  The hardest thing for me right now (other than pushing my worries aside) is not telling my siblings.  We are all incredibly close, and as much as I’m dying to tell them, I will be seeing some of them in person in the next few weeks, and it just seems like it’s totally worth it to wait to tell them about their new niece/nephew face-to-face.

So here’s to 5 weeks… Only 35 to go.  And I will cherish each and every moment that I have this miracle is growing inside of me…

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