Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Morning" Sickness is Quite the Misnomer

Helloooooo Week 6.  And helloooooo morning sickness.

Morning sickness is really a misnomer.  They use the term “morning sickness” to trick you into believing that you’ll wake up, be sick, and then move on to the rest of your day.  If only.

Try twenty.four.hours.  Constant nausea.  Continuous misery.  Wondering how I’ll ever get through the entire day feeling like this, wishing the hours would pass quickly, so that the days would pass quickly, so that I could get through these first trimester weeks and hopefully through this yuckiness.  After knowing that my sister, sister-in-law, and mom all escaped the crippling grip of morning sickness, I guess I assumed I would, too.  W-R-O-N-G.

Well, as my hub reminded me, “You said you wanted to feel pregnant!”  And while it is nice to feel like there’s something going on inside my body, this something is pushing me to the limits (and to tears) every other millisecond.

I finally called the doctor yesterday, because I honestly was having trouble functioning and living my normal life.  They called in a prescription, and while I was hoping to get through the next 34 weeks drug-free, I succumbed to the nausea and popped the pills.  They give me a few hours of muted uneasiness, allowing me to at least consider folding the piles of laundry taking over our house.

In other news, yay for making it to 6 weeks!!  Our little one has now graduated to the size of a sweet pea (and it’s crazy that a sweet pea could be rocking my world so much!!).  We were able to meet up with my hub's mom and stepdad this week, sharing our exciting news and celebrating the joy together.  We were also able to spill the beans to our dear friends Ben and Sabrina, who are also knocked up and due in August.  Yay for future playdates!!
It is still absolutely, positively killing us not to tell our siblings.  Every time I talk to one of them, I literally have to constantly remind myself not to say anything!  Hopefully their anger at us for keeping this secret will be replaced with excitement, and they’ll forget all about how long we hid the news.

So now we venture on, continuing to feel so incredibly grateful and blessed while also nervously counting down the days until we see our sweet pea’s heartbeat on the ultrasound (12 days to go!).  I think I’ll be holding my breath for the next 12 days.

In the meantime, stay safe in there, sweet pea.  And know that no matter how much I complain about feeling miserable, it is all totally worth it.

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