Friday, August 18, 2017

Exhausted, Newly-Full-Time-Working-Mama Confessions/Updates

*Why is this font so little?  I don't know, but I give up.  I've tried to fix is 817 times.

*I forgot how hard/busy/exhausting it is to be a full-time-working-mama.  Y'ALL.  I am beat.  And yes, being a stay-at-home- or work-from-home- or work-part-time- or any-form-of-mama is hard in its own right.  But this girl hasn't really had to get dressed for three-and-a-half-years and let's just say allllll the Peeles are adjusting as I find my new groove as a working woman!

*On that note, I guess my first confession should've been - I WENT BACK TO WORK!  After an amazing, oh-so-fulfilling 3.5 years at home, I am officially out of my daily uniform of workout clothes.  I wouldn't trade my years at home for the world, you guys.  I absolutely loved every minute of soaking in my kiddos, of trying to love and take care of and support TJ amidst the chaos of our lives, of keeping our house afloat, of keeping our family afloat, of wearing yoga pants more than I should probably admit.
A few months ago while doing some soul-searching I surprised even myself when I realized that I wanted to go back to work.  It was hard (and scary) to admit, and made me feel guilty, even... to essentially choose to stop spending so much time with my kiddos.  But I knew that I would be a better, happier, more-fulfilled, more joyful mama to CK, Everette, and Brooks if I could get back to something outside of the house that makes my world go 'round:  teaching.  And gosh it has been so amazing, y'all.  The way it all came about... the people I work with who I already consider family, the school itself, the administration, the kids... it was a God thing.  Of that I am certain.
*And on that note, I must confess that while I miss my own three munchkins all day long, I forgot how fun it is to anticipate seeing them at the end of the day!  The way they smile so big when they run back into my arms, nearly tackling me with their joyful embrace... priceless.  I am definitely focused on quality of time, versus quantity:
And I also cannot stress enough how awesome it is to get pictures like this all day long from the boys' awesome teachers!!
*But poor Everette... he has had the hardest time adjusting to me being back at work.  He's pretty much been my sidekick his whole life, so being at "school" all day, everyday has been tough for him.  And while it hurts my mama heart to know he is struggling, he is at an amazing place with the most amazing staff and I know that, soon, he won't want to come home when I show up at the end of the day!

*Brooks, on the other hand, walked (Yes, WALKED!  Caboose is walking!!) into his new school like he owned the place, and hasn't looked back.

*And my girl, CK?  She is absolutely ROCKING kindergarten (and how cool is it that she goes to school where I work?!).  I could not be more proud of her, and she (like the rest of us) has landed in a place where she is surrounded by exactly who God intended.
*Have y'all ever had the peanut donut from Dunkin'?  I didn't even know it existed.  But now I do.  And you do, too.  #yourewelcome ~ Thanks, Carmen!

*I am pleased to let you know that Everette is officially potty-trained!  One more kid in diapers to go...

*And speaking of the kid in diapers, he is the most joyful, happiest, smiley-est, most sleep-hating baby ever in the history of babies and he turned 11 months old a couple weeks ago:

*And on that note, I must confess that I really didn't want to do a birthday party for him. I am like the Pinterest-fail mom.  I'd rather outsource and pay someone to do it all for me.  But, this working-mama hasn't received her first paycheck yet #BROKE so that ain't happening. Anyway, three weeks away from his first birthday (say what?!) and the guilt has set in and now I'm like a crazy person trying to throw a small party of some sort together. #sendhelp #andwine

*Lucky for me, CK has opted not to have a party this year because she wants to do something super special instead.  Something we've been talking about for over a year now.  Stay tuned...

*Y'all, these pretzels?  OBSESSED.  I pretty much love anything of the salted caramel variety, and these are aaaaahmazing.

*Confession:  I am going to die when Everette has his first girlfriend.  He told me the other day he wanted to go back to school because "Abigail is there, and she is beautiful" and I almost had a panic attack.

*But he also told me he wishes sharks had toes.  So, there's that.

*I cannot WAIT for fall television!!

*And while I'm watching alllllllll the DVR'd shows, can someone come cook dinner for my family?  I hate cooking + I'm terrible in the kitchen + working full-time + three tiny humans = spaghetti and tacos and pizza for LYFE.

*CK and E are obsessed with America Ninja Warrior, and now every piece of furniture in our house is a scaling wall/climbing apparatus/obstacle course.

*I need new running shoes.  Like, four months ago.  And actually, I think I blogged about needing new running shoes four months ago.  Mine are so worn down and they stink (I have stinky feet, y'all... always have, my entire life.  Attractive, huh?  No, but seriously, any suggestions?)  And also, any suggestions for the best running shoe that is both cushioned and supportive, but not too heavy?

*And speaking of running, I just volunteered to be a coach for the running club at the elementary school where I work - and I am so excited about it!

*And because I don't have enough going on, I'm also teaching PreK CAM3Jr/Missions at church on Wednesday nights.  Last night was our first class and they are so absolutely precious.  I cannot wait to see how much they grow and learn (and inspire me!) this year. <3

*And on that note, Papa Johns is about to knock on my front door.  TGIF!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Be Kind, Be You, Love Jesus

I remember thinking about it the day you were born.

It seems odd, right?  To think about it moments after I saw your sweet, squishy face for the first time.


How will I ever send this sweet baby to Kindergarten?

I don't even want them to take her to the nursery to clean her up.  I don't want to be away from her.  I don't want to lose the warmth of her in my arms.  I don't want to undo her tiny fingers wrapped around mine.

How will I ever stand in a hallway and watch her let go of my hand and walk away from me, walk toward the beginning of an entirely new chapter of life... a chapter of life that equates to the beginning of letting go.

And yet here we are.

Hours... hours away from the day my sweet CK, my bug, my Cameron Kate starts Kindergarten.

And you, my dear, are ready.

I may have a "butterfly tummy" as you call it... but you cannot wait to walk into your new class and officially become a kindergartner.

We've been talking about it all summer... what you'd feel like, what I'd feel like, what your classroom would look like, what school supplies you'd need, who your classmates would be, the kinds of things you'd learn.

One of my most favorite conversations about this big life moment your little heart is about to experience was when we took our sunset-and-pajama-seashell-walk at the beach a couple weeks ago.  I had this sense of calm talking to you, and I knew in that moment that you are ready.


We bought the school supplies...

We met your teacher...

We had an entire day together setting up my classroom, and had the most fun, most giggly lunch at Chick-Fil-A afterward.

We spent an afternoon picking out the perfect back-to-school outfit.  You insisted you would absolutely not wear a dress.  Then you found a dress that has sequins that when brushed one way, are a picture of a piece of pizza, and when brushed the other way, say "Be Kind."
It is perfect, because it so you.

You are so perfectly you, my girl.  So unique and special and designed by a God who loves you more than we will ever comprehend.  You love big and feel hard, just like me.  You are compassionate and a people-pleaser and bossy and a tiny bit type-A (also like me... which I'll go ahead and apologize for).  You prefer comfort over fancy, superheroes over princesses, and silliness over seriousness.

But one of my most favorite parts of you?

Your heart.  

Your sweet, giving, kind heart.

And that is our motto this year, something we have talked about at length.  That what matters most to me as you start Kindergarten (Kindergarten!!) is that I want you to be kind, to everyone.

Yes, do your best, and listen to the teacher, and raise your hand, and follow directions, and walk quietly in the hallway, and earn those sparkle sticks.

But Cameron Kate - above all else, be kind, be you, and love Jesus.

And also remember:  we can't learn how to have courage if we never have to be brave.

I love you, my girl, to the moon and back and more than anything in this world.

And now... let's do this!!


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

BLOMPS Beach Trip 2017

BLOMPS Beach Trip 2017, you were one for the books!  There are so many favorites that I will never, ever forget:  the way the little boys loved "playing" pool; the traditional first night on the beach where the kids run and giggle and jump the waves and get their clothes soaking wet (by the way~ Brooks may be my most beach-loving baby yet!); the cornhole games; the newly-added pool in the backyard; the siblings' night out while Bammy and Digby babysat; the beach naps; the always hilarious Catchphrase games; the night-fishing; the seashell hunting; the wave-jumping; the boogie-boarding; the time with my nieces and nephews; the beach runs; the sunsets; the traditional last night on the beach where we have a bubble-and-glow-stick-and-sparkler-party; and the slow pace of the days during which I soaked in family and laughs and the sun and the sand and I let each memory of my three beach-loving babies etch itself into my heart.  I am a lucky, lucky mama. <3

And that wraps up our 2017 beach trip, and our summer break.  Next up... Kindergarten!!