Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mama Love

I have been waiting to see my mom since about 5:15am on Monday, January 31st.  That was just about the time the second line popped up on the pregnancy test (I STILL can’t believe it!) – it was just about the time I woke up my dear husband to tell him that our lives had instantaneously changed – and it was just about the time that I craved a hug from my mama.  There’s something about realizing you’re going to be a mom that makes you want to see your own mom desperately.  It’s been a long month and a half.

But I finally got to see her!!!!!!  I went ~home~ this weekend for one of my oldest friend’s wedding, which meant a weekend with my mama.  All of the guys in my family were at their yearly boys’ golf weekend extravaganza, so some of us girls gathered in Columbia for our own get-together.  I anxiously waited at my mom’s house on Friday night for her to get home from work, and as soon as she walked in the door, all we could do was hug.  Man I have the best mom in the whole world.  I can only dream of being half the woman she is when I welcome our sweet pea into this world.

We had a GREAT weekend.  My sister, nephew, her sister-in-law, and her daughter all stayed at my mom’s house, which meant the ultimate weekend of toddlers-taking-over-the-house, tons of giggles-and-snotty-noses, the-best-kind-of-fun EVER.  All I could think the whole time was how I was surrounded by three incredible moms, and two awesome toddlers – and how I couldn't wait to have my own little one join the gang.

We got some sweet baby gifts – some precious little booties, onesies, a sleeper (with little yellow ducks all over it!), and more.  Man I love getting baby gifts!  Just because it continues to make it all feel like this is really going to happen… my dream is going to come true.

On Saturday night Mom and I headed to the wedding.  I squeezed myself into a black dress I bought over a month ago (which, when I zipped it up on Saturday, it fit quite a bit differently than it had a mere four weeks ago… My how things are spreading out!!)  I also purchased a four-inch pair of gold, sparkly heels to try to lift up my self-esteem (since I’m feeling a little less “glowy” and a little more “doughy” these days!).

The wedding was beautiful, and perfect, the way all weddings are when the right two people end up falling in love.  It was so awesome to see my high school girlfriends.  You know those friends who you may not see for months, even years sometimes – But then when you reunite, it’s like you were in the Commons of your high school just the day before, gossiping about the latest breakup?  Yeah, that’s how we are – But better.  I can’t wait to see them again!!!!

So the weekend was awesome, ending in a teary goodbye between my mama and me.  I can’t wait to see her (and the rest of my fam!) in two weeks!!!

When my hub finally got home from the golf weekend, he immediately came in and said, “Let me see the baby!”  So I got my lazy, doughy toosh off of the couch so he could see my “bump.”  (Which, after being around two gorgeous moms this weekend who are MUCH more pregnant than I am, I realize it’s possibly a little ridiculous to call what I have a “bump” – but oh well.)  He kissed our little one (which again, caused me to be teary-eyed – dang hormones!).  I can’t WAIT to see him be a dad.  He’s going to be the best.

So this past week has been pretty decent.  I continue to have some okay moments inbetween the miserable ones, so I continue to hope that I’m crawling out of the morning all-day sickness cave.  I haven’t had any cravings to speak of, just I-have-to-have-this-to-eat-right-this-second.  (Like the chicken McNuggets and fries I had to have TWICE in 48 hours this weekend… I haven’t had chicken McNuggets in 15 years!)  I think I’m going to order my first maternity clothes online tonight!!  It may be a bit premature, but my clothes are getting uncomfortable and I refuse to wait too much longer.

In the meantime, thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers for our prune-sized blessing.  We can’t wait until our next ultrasound, which will be our NT Scan on April 1st.  Stay comfortable in there, little one!

10 Week Bump Sans Shirt
10 Week Bump Covered Up

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