Friday, April 22, 2016

Four on Friday!

Only 4 today, because...

I'm headed out of town in about an hour and a half, BY MYSELF.  That means no Disney movie playing in the car, no constantly passing back snacks, no "Are we there yet?"s... just me, the radio on a station of my choosing, and a trip to the mountains!  I'm headed to a Rodan + Fields Leadership Retreat in Cashiers, which I qualified for last month.  It's going to be an all-girls weekend in a gorgeous mountain house, with food, drinks, laughs, fun, and all things R+F.  Cannot wait!!

It's a yucky, rainy day today, but man has the weather been gorgeous.  We spent pretty much all of last weekend outside, and CK and T were able to plant their annual fruit and vegetable garden.  I can't wait to see what this year's garden brings us... and can you even handle the pictures from years past?!
The first year they planted their garden... clearly she wss a huge help :)

Ok, I need to start a chore chart for my messy, hoarder-of-a-four-year-old.  Any suggestions for how to do it?  I really want it to center around keeping things somewhat cleaned up around here and picking up after herself... SOS.

And I'll end with this...
On Monday we had our anatomy scan with the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor (at-risk doctor) and man, was I nervous.  I am so, so excited to share that as of that appointment, sweet #3 looks like he/she is growing well in there... to God be the glory!  We're waiting on the results of a few blood tests to plan how to proceed from here, but for now we'll continue regular appointments with my OB, and will head back to the MFM in June.  As always, thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support - you have no idea how much that means to us! <3

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

5 on Friday!

TGIF, y'all.
Pregnant mamas, especially pregnant mamas who already have two littles, should be immune to all sicknesses/illnesses/bugs/colds/flus while pregnant.  Since last Sunday, I have been battling some kind of nasty cold and congestion and cough.  Not a huge deal, but on top of the pregnancy it is kicking my butt!  I know I sound like such a baby, but I can't breathe, my chest is killing me, blah blah blah.  I know the meds I can take are limited, and I really don't want to take medicine if possible, so I've been trying to power through... but man, I feel awful.  I'm hoping it clears up in a couple days or I guess I'll get my butt to the doctor.

And speaking of not feeling great, it totally messed up my plans of restarting my early morning routine this week.  Over spring break, I decided since the nausea has finally started to subside that it's time for me to stop being so lazy in the mornings.  Pre-pregnancy, I was up and running and showered, reading my devotional and bible, and drinking my coffee before the rest of the house stirred.  Well, once nausea and exhaustion took over my life, that pretty much went down the drain.  I'm literally drooling and/or snoring on my pillow when CK barrels into our room in the mornings to tell me her nightlight has turned green and IT'S TIME TO GET UP.  While I've needed that extra sleep, our days just feel so much less productive and so much more flustered when I don't feel "ready" in the mornings.  So anyway, while I'm still not feeling well enough to go for a run first thing after I wake up, I do want to try to get back into a better morning routine that involves getting myself together and spending some time with Jesus.  Hopefully once I kick this nasty cold I can hold myself to that!

I know I've mentioned this before, but CK and soccer... I cannot handle it.  I'm not sure who loves it more - her or me.  My favorite memory to date happened at last night's game.  Unknowingly to CK the ball had rolled out of bounds and it was time to have a coach throw it back in.  She went out of bounds to retrieve the ball herself, but then just kept on kicking the ball down the field (not hearing her coach calling her name)... and she kicked it into the goal, and turned around to give me the BIGGEST smile.  Girl thought she'd scored her first goal!  And you'd better believe I celebrated right along with her. :)

Babies, babies, babies.  We're currently in the throes of planning a baby shower for my stepsister, who is due with her first little one this summer... not to mention the fact that my little sister is going to have her baby boy any day now!  And beyond those (and my!) growing bellies, there are baby bellies popping up all over town and many people I know and love trying to bring babies into their families in all kinds of way.  So I'm here to selfishly ask for prayers for all things baby, just like I pray every night... for the babies in tummies, those who have lost babies in their tummies, and those who want babies in their tummies and in their families. <3

I am so SO excited to see the weekend!  We've got some plans and some un-plans in place, which in my opinion is the perfect weekend.  Lazy family night tonight, a birthday party for my nephew in ATL tomorrow, date night tomorrow night, and planting our yearly fruit and vegetable garden inbetween.

Happy Friday... I hope you and yours have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Break 2K16

 Last week was CK's Spring Break, and I wanted to document all of our fun... Because it sure was a fun (and exhausting! and busy! and hard! and crazy!) week!!

Spring Break kicked off with T heading out of town for too long... and my mama swooped in for a couple days!  Which was so incredibly helpful.  It was a quick trip because she had to get back for work, but the kiddos soaked up every second with their Bammy!

We spent a day at the zoo with I'm assuming most everyone who lives in Atlanta.  The weather (and company!) were perfect, and the kids had a blast!

And we played and played and played in the backyard...

And told Everette, "No!" over and over and over again:

 We spent time with friends, getting into trouble with sidewalk paint, water tables, and water balloons...

We ate (and shared!) ice cream:

We played with (and ate!) play-do:

And got donuts from our favorite bakery:

 And watched movies:

And went to bounce houses with friends:

 And watched my belly grow:

And didn't clean up (who am I kidding... her room looks like this 99% of the time, no matter what I do):
 And learned how to use a fork:

And rewarded myself with Papa Johns for surviving a week sans T, pregnant with two kids around me 24/7:

And welcomed Daddy home with open arms:

And checked out the cutest kids' art studio called Bubbles and Brushes:

And had more ice cream... this time, for lunch:

And wreaked a lot of havoc within the four walls of our house:

Because this picture pretty much sums it up:

By the weekend I was tired, getting sick, and a little cranky... but we really, really did have a great Spring Break and I'm looking forward to soaking up all kinds of fun with the kids this summer!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Four point Five

Cameron Kate,

You're four-and-a-half now, and I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.

Pushing with all my might, hearing your dad exclaim, "It's a girl!"

Becoming a mom.

All because of you, my girl.

And now, four-and-a-half years later, you have grown into a little girl who makes me so proud.  A little girl who made my dream come true, when she became my daughter, when she made me a mama.

Life with you is an adventure, full of silliness, and giggles, and tickling, and deep breaths, and emotions, and Ellie.  

Oh how you still love your Ellie.

And you also still refer to your feet by name - Gaddy and Bussy.  It makes me laugh... you give them personalities, and make them dance, and tell me they're asleep, or that they won't stop wiggling when you're trying to put on your shoes.  Hilarious!

A few months ago we had some rough days, with you being overly emotional and challenging and difficult and stubborn, particularly at nighttime.  But I think we're over that hump, and I am absolutely loving this age right now.  4.5 is pretty awesome, and everyday with you just keeps getting better.

You still want to wear long sleeves, all day everyday.  And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  And anything dipped in Ranch dressing - especially cucumbers.  You play soccer now!  And I love it.  You prefer to be outside, especially if it means you're riding your bike (though your bike is currently way too small).  Your imagination is amazing, and more often than not you'll play by yourself, talking and singing and creating these stories and scenarios that blow my mind.

You still take a nap 4ish days a week, and will play in your room on the other days just fine.  But you are so grumpy after your naps!  It usually takes you ten to twenty minutes to come out of your funk.

You are also such a hoarder!  With the messiest room!!  I will find any and everything stuffed inside little bags and nooks and crannies in your room.  It drives my Obsessive Compulsive, want-to-be-organized personality crazy, but I figure one day I'll miss finding 87 Shopkins stuffed inside of a Christmas gift bag hidden in your underwear drawer.

You love going to preschool, and especially love your teacher, and you have learned so much this year.  You can write your name by yourself, know all of your letters and numbers, and can count to at least 100 (I stopped you there...ha!).

You'd eat raspberries with every meal if I'd let you (and if they weren't so expensive!), and you love playing with your baby dolls.  But your most favorite thing of all?  Playing with and making your little brother giggle.  You guys have become two peas in a pod, and my greatest joy is watching you laugh together.  Sibling love - there really is nothing like it.  So innate, so pure, so unconditional.  And because I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to give it to you, I never, ever take it for granted.

CK, bug, Mcgee, Cameron Kate... you are my sunshine.  One of my greatest gifts, my best girl, my mini-me, my happy place.  It is an absolute joy being your mama, an absolute honor experiencing life through your eyes.  And everyday truly does keep getting better and better.

Happy 4.5, my girl.

-Mama <3
 Half of a year old:

And now, four-and-a-half.  And yes, we celebrated.