Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Love Letter

Dear Food,

         I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you.  I think of you often – though I have to admit, those thoughts are often not very pleasant.  But everyone tells me I will return to my previous love of you!  Trust me, I’m counting down the days as much as you are.

         I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone who loves food as much as I do.  So it has been quite a shock to me that I mostly find you repulsive.  Or that there is only one thing on the planet I can think of to eat, out of all of your glorious options.  And I am sorry for my weird habits (like the entire can of green beans I just HAD to have as soon as I got off of the treadmill yesterday, like, right out of the can).  And I am sorry for turning my back on you in the middle of a meal (like last night, all I could think of to eat was a meatball sub.  So my hub went to a restaurant and got my sub, and his sausage and pepperoni stromboli.  Well, the meatball sub just wasn’t hitting the spot.  Hub saw me eyeing his meal, and asked if I wanted a bite.  “Ummm… Yes.” I said.  Omigoodness-his-was-delicious.  He immediately read the look on my face, took my meatball sub, and traded it with his strombli.  Oh how I have the best husband!)

         Anywho, I just wanted to apologize, and ask for your forgiveness and that hopefully you’ll take me back when my appetite decides to return.  It’s hard to imagine when that day will come, but I’m holding onto the hope that it will.

         In the meantime, please accept my pickiness and my rare cravings and requests.  Though you have to admit, today’s craving wasn’t quite so rare…

                                                                                                        Until we meet again,

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