Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Blueberry is Winning!

Baby Peele is now the size of a blueberry!!  And while even the thought of a blueberry makes me want to run to the nearest toilet (sorry!), I am thrilled to be a mere 5 days away from seeing our sweet blueberry on the first ultrasound.

It’s been a pretty rough week for ol’ Mama Peele.  I keep thinking I’ll wake up one morning and this miserable world of constant nausea will be gone.  Unlikely story.  (Though the truth is, if I did wake up and it was completely gone, I’d probably be worried!)  It’s hard to imagine feeling this for the next 5 weeks, but I keep telling myself it is a small, miniscule price to pay for the gift we will receive when it’s all said and done.  It’s just been rough, because I can’t be myself, I have zero energy, and I’m constantly in pain.  I know, poor me.  I mean I’ve wanted this my whole life, how could I possibly complain?!  I think the hardest part right now is that very few people know, so I feel like I’m letting people down.  I already had to miss a day and a half of work this week because I was struggling so much!  I keep trying to push through, mind-over-matter, and I keep popping the prescription every 8 hours  But whew, right now it’s me against the blueberry, and the blueberry is winning!

In other news, I can hardly button my jeans.  I’m only 7 ½ weeks pregnant, for Pete’s sake!!  And I can hardly eat!  How in the world are my jeans already not fitting?!  (The truth is, I can’t wait to have a baby bump, so bring it on.)

So, the biggest event of week 7 is that we finally told my brother and his wife the news!!!!!!  They came into town last night, and I anxiously waited for them to ask why I wasn’t participating in happy hour.  They didn’t notice!  Finally, my brother asked why I wasn’t going to be able to go to Sanford with them tomorrow to visit our family, and I said, “The same reason I’m not drinking!”  And then it finally sunk in.  They were so happy for us, and it was a relief to spill the beans to at least one more person.  My sister-in-law, my partner-in-crime, was so sweet all night and all day Saturday when she knew I was struggling.  I felt so bad, like I was letting them down on their trip to NC, but I really really tried to push through the pain!

By the way, I haven’t said this enough, but I have the most incredible husband ever.  All I do is talk about me on here, woe is me, poor me, blah blah blah.  Well, he’s having to deal with poor, pitiful me and he’s being pretty awesome.  You see, I can’t even think about food.  But sometimes, all of a sudden, I’ll think of ONE thing I think I can possibly stomach, and it may be 25 minutes across town, but he’ll jump off of the couch and go get it for me.  And sometimes, by the time he gets back, I can’t even eat it anymore!  I’m terrible.  But he hasn’t complained and is constantly making sure I’m okay and asking if I need anything.  I’m sure I’m driving him to insanity.  But I’ll make it up to him as soon as I can crawl out of this hole!

Today he actually asked me if I thought I was going to enjoy being pregnant.  OF COURSE!!!  You see, I’ve thought about being pregnant almost my entire life.  I always imagined having that pregnant glow, basking in the glorious anticipation of having a baby.  I didn’t even consider the possibility of 24-hour nausea turning my life upside down.  Truth be told, I almost feel like I’m failing pregnancy.  Like I’m losing.  And I know that sounds silly, but I want to get to the place of constant joy more than anything!  Hopefully, seeing our little one IN FIVE DAYS on the ultrasound screen will help me power through all of these long, rough days a little better.

So the next time I write, I will have been to the doctor TWICE.  Yippee!  The first appointment is just a nurse appointment, blood work, family history, etc.  Then a few days after that is the big one.

So my little blueberry, in five more days, get ready to give us a glimpse into your precious world.

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