Friday, July 13, 2018

Summertime (part 2), and the Livin' is Easy(ish)

It is absolutely mind-blowing that our summer is WINDING DOWN.  Like, I go back to work in less than two weeks, you guys...


I had all kinds of plans to blog my heart out this summer; however, I've been squeezing all of the fun I can out of every nook and cranny of every summer day - with my trio and my friends and all of my other favorite people, which means I am usually sneaking in a minute to breathe/nap during the times I usually blog, and also falling asleep at around 9:00pm most nights. (#dontjudge)

So, here is how we've spent our days in the second half of summer.  Have I mentioned how happy my heart is these days? <3

Nothing like some good ol' back deck, backyard fun:
 PS- sometimes you just need to run through the sprinklers fully-dressed (CK's request, of course)

My trio loves a costume, bonus points if it's of the superhero variety:

Serving our community has fed my soul, you guys.   And it has been a great conversation starter with my kiddos:

Sometimes I'm just too tired or hot or lazy to gear up for outside play, which means slime kits or playdoh or Netflix or homemade-ice-cream-and-brownie-sundaes FOR THE WIN:

Visit the largest bouncy ball quarter machine in Georgia?  CHECK.  Bonus points?  Ice cream included.

Perhaps Cameron's most important summer bucket list item?  Eat at a restaurant where "they bring your drinks to you"...

Lots and lots (AND LOTS) of hours spent in pools and at splash pads:


I <3 pajama scooter rides and stroller walks:

We've slept and snoozed and snuggled and recovered around the house:

I've continued to squeeze in some much-needed mama--break time:

CK had her one camp of the summer - Horse Camp - along with some of her most favorite, sweet friends:

Luckily for me, my kids <3 a good board game:

Thanks to our happy/mad stick behavior system, I've enjoyed some child labor around these parts:

After a couple months of begging, CK finally had her first lemonade stand, with all money donated to our church's children's minister "to help kids who don't have as much money as we do" --

We had milkshakes for lunch.  In the car.  Which ended with milkshake sprayed all over the headliner.  #liveandlearn

We had THE BEST 4th OF JULY EVER, according to my girl:

I finally gave in to their requests for a water balloon fight.  And I was immediately conspired against.  And I lost.

Our necks may have been sore the next day, but my girl and I enjoyed a much-needed mama/daughter Six Flags date:

And though the clock ticks down, I will continue having s'more summer fun with this trio of mine...

Our days may officially be numbered, but tomorrow we're headed on our annual BLOMPS beach trip, and this may be the most excited I have ever been for a much-needed week away with my people. <3  Happy, happy summertime!!