Sunday, March 6, 2011

It All Begins...

Well, just this morning I was lying in bed tossing and turning at 7:30am (much to my hub's dismay… it’s the weekend, for Pete’s sake!), because I could NOT turn off my brain.  This seems to be the norm these days – As soon as I open my eyes in the morning, there’s no way I can fall back asleep.  Because as soon as I am awake, I remember… I’M PREGNANT!!!!  And the whole sleep thing?  Yeah, it’s pretty much impossible at that point.

So this morning, I decided I wanted to start a sort of “pregnancy journal” to document my feelings, emotions, body changes, etc.  Once we're ready to announce our news to the world, I'll publish the journal onto a blog to start documenting our life as a family of three.  So I’m going to start by backtracking a little bit, to the day we found out – Monday, January 31, 2011.

For the entire week leading up to January 31st, I’d had a feeling.  But I REALLY didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I kept wanting to take a test, but kept forcing myself to wait.  I told myself I could test on Tuesday.  But Monday morning, I couldn’t take it anymore.  So when the alarm went off at 5:00am, my heart started pounding, as I knew I was about to find out whether or not we were going to have a baby.

I went into the bathroom, and proceeded to take three - yes three - tests.  They were all positive.  HOLY COW!!!!!  I was pregnant!!!!!!!!!!  I went back into the bedroom, turned the lamp on, and said, “Hey, babe – our lives just totally changed.”  He, being half asleep, was quite confused.  “I’m pregnant!!!!”  Well, that woke him up!  And after he got over being upset with me that I’d taken a test without telling him I was going to, we sat there for about thirty minutes or so, just trying to soak it all in.

Finding out I was pregnant was something I’d been waiting for since September – Well, actually, something I’d been waiting for my entire life.  I cannot WAIT to be a mom.

That day at work was worthless.  My brain was all over the place, I was trying not to bust at the seams with excitement, and I was immediately scared that something would go wrong during these first precious weeks.  I immediately made appointments (our first ultrasound is March 3rd!), cut out caffeine (yikes!), and starting reading into every little twinge.

On January 31, 2011, our lives changed… forever.  Sometime in October, we will be bringing another life into this incredible world.

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