Friday, May 19, 2017

The End of an Era!

I feel like I closed my eyes for a minute and opened them back up and my girl is all done with preschool.  It's so cliche to say, but also so true - the days are long, but the years are short, you guys.

So let's take a minute and just look at my sweet CK as she ventured from her first day of toddler preschool all the way to finishing up Pre-K:
She was just a teensy bit excited about officially being ready for kindergarten <3
 And we celebrated at her class party and I got so choked up and I tried not to cry and we hugged her awesome teachers goodbye and walked away hand-in-hand as I told her I was so, so proud of her:
 And then we came home and made it official - hellooooooo, summer!
 I can't wait to soak up all the sweetness of summertime with these three.  I am a lucky, lucky mama. <3

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Today I am filled with all kinds of emotion... but mostly so incredibly thankful that God has given me something of which I am so undeserving -- the opportunity to be a mama to three amazing tiny people who make my heart want to explode.

My daughter, my sweet CK, who made me a mama:

My first son, my Everette, who taught me to never lose hope:

And my caboose, my Brooks, who has reminded me everyday of his life that God is so good:

Happy Mother's Day <3

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Because right now all I can string together is a list of random thoughts/happenings/life events/updates!

*Cameron Kate's soccer season is officially over and it's safe to say she is hooked.  We just may have a soccer star in the making!  She smiled throughout every practice and game, scored multiple goals, and I am just so proud of her.  There's something about watching your child become passionate about something, ya know?! <3

*Speaking of my girl, how is she almost done with PreK?!  We're all wrapped up in end-of-year festivities, including a field trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which was so fun! (and hot! and exhausting!) Six more days of school and then helloooooo summertime!

*And speaking of summertime, I am torn on what/how many camps to do for Cameron this year.  I like to have a mix of planned/unplanned days throughout the summer, so I'm trying to make sure our schedule includes a good balance of both.

*So, I had a little birthday last month.  I'm officially the big 3-4!  TJ took me out to dinner at a local, delicious restaurant, then the rest of the weekend included biscuits and relaxing and a long run and feeding ducks and Blue Moon and backyard water play and takeout and cookie cake and presents.  It was the perfect way to celebrate, and I look forward to 34, a year I hope to do a lot less and live a lot more!

*On a whim, TJ took the clippers to Everette's hair.  And y'all?  I LOVE IT.  E's hair/cowlicks are SO unfortunate (sorry buddy!).  We have struggled to find a 'do that suits him.  But I think we finally found it!

*For Easter the kiddos got a butterfly grow kit and it was such an awesome experience.  We watched the caterpillars grow and spin into cocoons and then emerge as butterflies and it was just amazing!! I totally got caught up in the beauty of God's creation, and the awe and wonder in CK's and E's eyes.  We released the butterflies a couple weeks ago and I think this is something we will do again next spring.

*I am loving country music these days!  So many good songs and artists on the radio!!

*Years and years and years ago I watched Prison Break and I was obsessed (and so sad when it ended).  When I heard it was coming back I was excited, but thought there was no way it could still be good.  But it is!  I am obsessed all over again!!

*I miss blogging.  Like, really writing... getting out my thoughts and emotions and feelings and struggles.

*Isn't sunny, warm weather just good for the soul?!  We try to spend as many hours of the day outside as we can.

*And speaking of warm weather, I need a good, go-to summer wine.  I love to drink red in the colder months, but am looking for a lighter, yummy, chilled vino -- suggestions?

*Can we please talk about how this little boy is two-AND-A-HALF!  He talks all day long, asks questions all day long, loves to take off his socks and shoes, loves sports and tools and balls and the color orange, and is his dad's mini-me.  He is boundlessly energetic, a good sleeper, cranky in the mornings, and always hungry.  He would eat applesauce all day, everyday, if we'd let him.  He still sucks two fingers on his left hand when he's falling asleep and asks me everyday if Brooks is big enough to wrestle yet.  He is such a sweet boy, and also a limit-pusher.  I am (and always will be) a sucker for him. <3

*I have truly fallen in love with running all over again and really want to do another half marathon soon.  And also, I need some new running shoes.  I am just about finished with my Brooks Ghosts, and I liked them, but can't say they were the best for my needs.  I have a flat, pronating foot and need a shoe that is both supportive and cushioned.  HELP!

*Have you heard of the MyIntent Project?  I love the concept of it all and got one of their bracelets back in February.

*The other day I had a mama moment, you guys.  It was just me, the kids, and a honeysuckle bush.  I taught them the magic of what's inside of a honeysuckle, and it was just one of those tiny can-I-freeze-time-things that made my heart want to explode. <3

*PLEASE tell me you use Ebates!  If you do any online shopping, you have to use Ebates!!  All you do is go to Ebates, click on the name of the store you're shopping in, and voila, you earn cash back.  It really is that simple.  There are all kinds of special deals right now, too!

*Everette is currently in a toddler gymnastics class and y'all, it is the CUTEST!

*Our caboose is EIGHT MONTHS OLD!  And we're currently celebrating with a yucky cough, lots of snot, a fever, sneezes, no desire to sleep, and an insane amount of drool.  But our chunky butterbean is just a'growing and a'changing and a'moving as fast as he can.  He had a big month, which included:  his first time seeing the beach, eating (and loving) yogurt (and pretty much any food we give him), learning how to clap, pulling up on everything, climbing the stairs, saying "Dada," and constantly getting in the downward dog position.  He thinks "ouch!" is hilarious, adores Cameron, and I'm starting to think he may end up with blonde hair?!  Trying to change his diaper and get him dressed is like wrestling an alligator, and he does this scrunched-up-silly-nose-giggle thing that I cannot get enough of.  Happy 2/3 of a year, caboose!

WHEW!  A lot of randoms that I'm sure most people don't care about, but I just wanted to hop on here and document a little of what's going on in my world...