Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Confessional!

~I don't understand outside dogs.  Why get a dog if they're just going to be outside all day, everyday?

~I am one of those people who absolutely cannot decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I don't judge others who do it... it just doesn't work for me.  Probably because Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE.  But now that Thanksgiving is over?  Let's deck the halls!

~And speaking of Christmas, it is so, so important for me to have our family wake up in our own house on Christmas day.  Especially now that there are three Peele kiddos.  It's just something I feel passionate about and am so excited for - creating memories and traditions that will last a lifetime, and that they will hopefully carry on with their own families one day. <3

~I am obsessed with Everette, and I am a total sucker for him and his shenanigans.

~I am loving some Deep Eddy's Grapefruit Vodka.

~And speaking of my new favorite cocktail, I took all three kids to the liquor store to get it.  #motheroftheyear

~I have a love/hate relationship with family meals.  It's important to me for us to eat altogether as a family most nights, but right now it is so chaotic and the meal time ends up looking like a whack-a-mole game while T and I try to keep everyone happy/fed/in their chair/etc.

~Most of the time when I bake it is prompted by my desire to lick the bowl.

 ~I have FOMO when it comes to Christmas shopping.  Will I get the best deal?  Am I missing the best sale?

~Not only did my hair stylist give me a great therapy session last week, she also gave me a great haircut!  Isn't it crazy how refreshed you can feel after a new 'do?  I needed a change - and although it's not drastic, and although shorter hair makes me feel a little fat - it feels so good to have some of my long, thin, stringy hair chopped off.

~When we went to the zoo for E's birthday I forgot to wear a bra.  #truestory

~CK was off of school this whole week, and it was honestly so helpful having her around to help with the boys.  She is such a little mama!

~T and I are constantly assessing the state of Brooks' head - we're both paranoid about him having to get a helmet like E. 

~So, last week I got a call from a cleaning lady who said someone had anonymously gifted me with a house-cleaning.  How amazing is that?  I got off the phone and cried, you guys, because we all know I had a rough week.  I have since figured out who the amazing anonymous person is, and am absolutely blown away by her selflessness and thoughtfulness and I cross my heart that I am going to pay this forward somehow, some way.

~I really like Aldi's cheap wine!

~I don't understand when houses don't have kleenex.  Do you not ever need to blow your nose?

~I always, always, always have to go Black Friday shopping.  I'm not up with the crazies (I say that affectionately) at 4am, and I refuse to go on Thanksgiving night.  But growing up, the ladies in my family always went out shopping at some point mid-morning, were treated to lunch by my Gram (with Bloody Marys of course), and took advantage of the sales.  To me it sort of kicks off the Christmas season and I like the hustle and bustle of it all.  Well this year, it was just me and my girl.  And it was fun and special and I just love her and any chance we get to spend some one-on-one time together. <3

TGIF!  Have a wonderful weekend full of college football, Christmas decorating, and family!

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