Monday, November 7, 2016

How we Celebrated our E!

Y'all, we had the best time celebrating our E!  We opted not to do a party this year, and instead soaked up the day with just the five of us.  Here is how Everette spent the day turning TWO...

He woke up to the only thing he'd asked for... CUPCAKES!  And four presents from us - something he wants, something he needs, something he wears, something he reads.  (This is what we always do for birthdays!)

He also woke up to a room full of red balloons!

He loved opening his presents this year!  One tiny piece of wrapping paper at a time... ha!  His something to read was a book about superheroes...

His something to wear was his very own helmet, which he wanted to wear

And his something he wants was this awesome truck that sings and moves all around by itself!

Cupcakes for breakfast!!

And then we surprised our birthday boy with a trip to the zoo!  We knew we wanted to do something to make the day feel special, and this ended up being so so perfect...

Trying to hold up TWO fingers...


He'd had about all the fun he could stand and didn't last long on the way home, falling asleep in his now forward-facing car seat!

Once home it was time for more presents from grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, playing with new toys, macaroni and cheese for dinner (by request!), and some happy-birthday-singing and chocolate-cupcake-eating...

Sweet boy slept hard that night under his "something he needs" gift - a superhero blanket - made for a superhero little boy with love by his mama:

It was a very low-key birthday, but my hope is that our E felt loved and special and spoiled as he turned the big 0-2. <3

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