Friday, November 11, 2016

Woohoo Friday!

Woohoooooooooo Friday!

Although Daylight Savings Time kicked all of the Peele butts, I am so excited to be smack-dab in the middle of November.  It is my most favorite month with my most favorite holiday, and I love spending so much time talking to the kids about the word "thankful."
Life is still pretty chaotic these days as I continue learning how to be a mama of three, but I'd really like to continue our tradition of doing our Kindness Inspires Kindness project.  It is one of my most favorite traditions we do as a family this time of year!  We kicked it off yesterday by filling up our Operation Christmas Child box for a 5-year-old girl (CK's choice, of course).  It was just so sweet watching her pick out toys and surprises that she thought a little girl her age would love.
Let the kindness and love and joy and awesomeness of the holiday season begin!!

Speaking of my Cameron Kate, she is just so grown up you guys.  And just the sweetest little mama to her little brothers.  As soon as she gets home from school she wants to play with Everette.  It is so cute watching her guide him through her imagination and world of pretend.  And don't even get me started on how much she adores Brooks.  I think her little heart almost exploded when T let her give Brooks his first bottle last weekend (which he took like a champ, by the way)...

I finally started running again - yippeeeee!!  Oh how I've missed it.  My body is like WHAT, but it feels so good to get out and run.  It really is therapeutic for me!  And I'm ready to start fitting into some clothes, so I'm trying to get back into a good running and workout routine as best as I can... which is tricky while trying to meet the needs of three littles!  So I guess I'll have to be patient with these hips that don't lie and trust that time and exercise and a few less handfuls of M&Ms will eventually lead to a little less postpartum jiggle.

Guess who started "cool" this week?!  My big boy E!  Well, it's really only Mother's Morning Out, but don't tell him that.  He thinks going to school is just about the best thing ever.  He's going one morning a week for a few hours, and he absolutely loves it.  I missed him so much!  But having him run full speed into my arms with a huge smile on his face when I got there for pick-up?  Oh, my heart.

And I'll leave you with this:
Our little caboose is two months old!  Can you even believe it?!  And I guess I shouldn't say little, since he weights more than both of his siblings did at this point (even though he was the smallest at birth).  He is just such a sweet baby, y'all, and is really starting to be so smiley.  He's even starting to try to "talk" and it is adorable.  We are all just obsessed with him and so glad he is ours. <3

Have a wonderful weekend!

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