Friday, December 2, 2016

Favorites on Friday

We're smackdab in the middle of the holiday season, so I thought I'd share some things I'm loving right now in case you're looking for some gift ideas for someone in your life...

*My Plum Paper Planner.  I am obsessed with this thing and how it keeps my chaos somewhat organized.  It has the option to customize your rows for each week, so I have a row for each family member, a row for my job, a row for meal planning, etc.  I ordered my 2017 planner on Cyber Monday and can't wait to get it!

*Ebates!!!!!  If you do ANY online shopping, you have to use Ebates.  All you do is go to the website, click on the store where you're going to shop, and bam, you earn money back on your purchase.  It is that easy.  And I've gotten numerous checks in the mail from them, so I can assure you it's legit.  They even have a button you can install on your web browser that'll pop up when you're online shopping to remind you to activate Ebates.  Win-win!  And you'll totally help me out if you sign up using this link, just so you know. :)

*Any workout gear from Athleta.  It's my FAVE.  There are so many things on my Athleta wish list right now!!

*These headphones.  I have tried several wireless headphones while I run and these are the only ones that do not budge, even on the windiest day!  I scooped up a pair on Black Friday for a steal from Target and I am so excited!

*Ugg slippers!  My sister-in-law introduced me to these a couple years ago, and I love love love them.  I always bought cheap slippers and thought it was silly to spend so much on house shoes... but now I am a believer.  I've had these and these and love them both and honestly I wear them every single day while I'm at home!

*Gap Body pajamas!  I am usually a scraggly-tshirt-and-old-pajama-pants kind of girl, but lately I've been trying to wear cute jammies instead.  I am obsessed with this style from Gap body:  shirt and pants.

*Rodan + Fields Last Boost!  I know, I know, hashtag shameless plug.  But for real, this stuff is legit.  I have the worst lashes ever and am absolutely floored by my results already.  And check out my older sister's results after just five weeks:

*Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap!  I'm usually all about some Bath and Body Works foaming hand soap, but I think I'm officially switching teams to this brand.  Love it!

*All things Yeti!  I use my large Yeti tumbler every single day and night, and for Christmas I'm asking for some Yeti lowballs for my cocktails.  It takes me forever to sip my happy-hour-I-made-it-through-the-day-as-a-mama-of-three-cocktail and I'm always having to refill the ice.  I'm hoping maybe a Yeti lowball will fix this first world problem!  Or maybe one made by RTIC.  Has anyone tried that brand?  Is it just as good?

And speaking of cocktails, t-minus 3 hours until 5:00!  TGIF!!

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