Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Things We Can Learn From Our Children...

*Find joy in the little things - a pot, a wooden spoon, an empty paper towel roll... the possibilities are endless!

*Bubbles make bath time a lot more fun!

*When you're fingerpainting - the messier, the better.

*Who cares if the house is clean?!  Let's have FUN!

*Having ice cream for dinner is always a good idea.

*Spending time outside should be part of everyday.

*An afternoon nap makes everyone less fussy.

*Whenever you fall down, get right back up, brush it off, and keep on movin'.

*Always ask for exactly what you want.

*Use your imagination like a muscle - exercise it every single day.

*When you need to cry, cry.  When you wanna giggle, giggle.  Don't apologize for your emotions.

*Sometime we all need a little timeout.

*Schedules are important.  Routines are imperative.  But sometimes, it's okay to let life get in the way of those two things.

*Always greet your loved ones with a hug and a kiss.

*Whenever you hear music, no matter where you are, DANCE.  Who cares what you look like?!

*Go to the playground every chance you get.

*When you see yourself in the mirror, SMILE.



  1. Omg this is so true. I had been working so much that I was missing out on everything that my daughter was learning, experiencing, etc. I quit just to spend time with her and watch her grow up.