Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Drawers with Five Gifts

That's what my amazing husband gave me for our five-year anniversary.

A brief recap so I don't forget...

On Saturday, we left an unfazed Cameron Kate with my parents, and went to a local cafe to have lunch.  We then ventured to a little village of shops to walk around, breathe, be.  

After a quick stop at the gas station to load my purse full of candy and drinks, we went to the MOVIES!!!  I was so excited, y'all.  The last time we went to the movies was the day I went into labor.  It was so nice to sit in a movie theatre with T, like we used to do all the time!

After the movies we headed to Graylyn, the place where we had reservations to spend the night.  

As soon as we unloaded our bags, there was a gift sitting on the bed for me.  Honestly, I was shocked, as we have sort of an unspoken "no gifts on anniversaries" rule (choosing to focus on spending time together instead).  But, being a girl, I was excited.

It was perfect.

A jewelry box, with five drawers holding five gifts to represent five years.

A dolphin boat ride scheduled during our upcoming beach trip.

A gift certificate to a spa in town.

Pearl earrings.

A pearl necklace.

And the best gift of all - a poem he'd written for me... for us.


We took a midday nap (!) before pulling ourselves out of the bed and taking a tour of where we were staying, learning the history of the estate.  Then it was time to freshen up and enjoy some happy hour drinks before heading to the most delicious dinner I've had in as long as I can remember.  Better than the food, though, was the company.  Without a high chair, and a spilled sippy cup, and chicken nuggets on the floor - I was able to focus on my husband.  My adorable husband, who gets cuter by the day, and whose big brown eyes and dimples still captivate me.

I will never forget the moments we shared, celebrating our marriage, how far we've come, all we've been through - together.  It was a much needed break from everyday life, a tiny little getaway that filled my heart with so much joy, so much excitement about the promise of our vows and all we have to look forward to, me and my best friend.

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