Saturday, December 31, 2016

Twenty Sixteen

2016... boy were you good to us.

And now, I will attempt to bid you adieu by posting one picture to represent each month - something that is always so hard to do, but something that is so nostalgic.  While I pour myself into hundreds and hundreds of pictures, I always get lost in the year and what each month brought to our family...

The year certainly started with a bang when we saw this, something I never in my wildest dreams could have predicted or imagined.

And with the pregnancy came morning all-day sickness, which resulted in many many weeks of simply trying to survive.  Milky Ways and lollipops for breakfast?  Pajamas all day?  Sure, if that means I can stay horizontal.

And these two... oh how their relationship blossomed this year.  They are the best of friends, always wanting to know where the other one is, what the other one is doing, when the other one will be awake...

This year saw CK's first organized team sport - soccer!  She loved every second of it, but mostly just ran aimlessly up and down the field, knowing her efforts would be rewarded with a juice box and a snack at the end of the game.

Me, my belly, and this duo spent many, many, many afternoons at our neighborhood pool, so this picture is a great representation of the start of our summer!

Has to be represented with a picture from our trip to Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada.  Such an incredible time with my main squeeze!

The beach!  A summer must-do for us... and our July trip with the BLOMPS crew did not disappoint.

This month was all things baby prep - I will never forget washing these teeny tiny clothes and wondering if our caboose would be a little she or a little he.  We anxiously anticipated his/her arrival while we worked hard to get our house ready for the Peele party of FIVE!

 Brooks.  Our caboose, our sweet baby #3, and the final punctuation on the story of the Peele family.  This picture, just moments after his birth - oh my heart. <3

 Becoming a family of five was hard and beautiful and chaotic and exhausting - and this picture sums it up perfectly.  My three kiddos, pajamas, no makeup, covered in spit-up, unshowered.  And happy.

Finding my groove as a mama of three, and realizing that things are perfectly imperfect.  And trying with all my might to embrace the new crazy.

And we wrapped up an incredible year on such a magical note.  There is nothing like going through the holiday season as a mama, seeing the joy through the eyes of your children.  This picture makes my heart so happy - I mean, look at their faces?!  And I love seeing me watch CK and E, while holding B... while drinking a beer. #reality

2016, it truly does seem like just yesterday we welcomed you with open arms.  And I still cannot believe that just days after kissing T when the ball dropped, I found out our little family would be growing.  You are such a special year, because you made my mama heart complete.  <3  

It's hard to bid 2016 goodbye, with all it brought to us - but I am so incredibly excited to see what the new year has in store for us as a family, for me as a mama, for my incredible husband, and for my three amazing children.

I will always wonder what I did to deserve this beautiful life... but I will do all I can to never, ever take it for granted.

Happy New Year!

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