Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Love; My Joy; My Peace

This holiday season has me all warm and fuzzy and counting my blessings and overwhelmed with gratitude. <3

As I work my way through my Advent readings, three words keep making me take pause - love, joy, and peace.

And just last week I realized why these three words keep making me catch my breath, why they keep bringing a knot to my throat and a flutter to my heart...

Cameron, you are my love.  You came into this world and taught me what it feels like to have my heart walk around outside of my body.  You taught me the most unconditional love, the kind of love that makes my heart ache for all I would do for you.
You, my girl, made me a mama, and introduced me to selflessness and to knowing what it feels like to literally love so much it hurts.  You care so fiercely for everyone around you, with one of the kindest spirits I have ever known.  You wear your heart on your sleeve, and anyone who has a piece of that heart is so incredibly lucky...
Cameron Kate, you are my love.

Everette, you are my joy.  You have had such a joyful spirit since the moment we met you.  We are constantly saying that we cannot imagine our life without you in it.  You keep us smiling and entertained and appreciating the laughter that every day brings.
You brighten the lives of everyone around you, with a zest in your step and a twinkle in your eye.  It is obvious that you, in the depths of your heart, know just how precious life truly is, and that we should make each moment count.  Your sweet smile is a constant reminder to always find joy, to never lose hope...
Everette Lawrence, you are my joy.

Brooks, you are my peace.  God knew I needed you in my life before I had ever even considered your existence.  Your face reminds me each and everyday to trust God's plan.  Holding you in my arms brings me a level of contentment deep within my soul, a sense of peace I had never known until you were born.
Your calm spirit balances out our family, and your arrival put the final punctuation on a beautiful story.  You complete us, Brooks.  You bring my mama heart so much peace, and every ounce of who you are is such a blessing to our little family.
Brooks Evan, you are my peace.

My love, my joy, and my peace. <3

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