Friday, December 16, 2016

Five on Friday!

Happy second-to-last-Friday-before-Christmas!

If you've been following this little ol' blog for awhile, you know that we affectionately refer to my "side" of the family as BLOMPS.  Right now that includes seven couples and eleven children age seven and younger.  Yes, that is twenty-five people!  And last weekend all twenty-five of us had our annual BLOMPSmas!  Every year, about six months in advance, my parents plan for one of the first weekends in December for all of us to get together for Christmas.  It's so nice because we all want to do actual Christmas in our own homes, so by planning an early weekend many, many, many months in advance we can make sure to see each other for a quick, whirlwind celebration.  And whirlwind it was!  I'm not gonna lie - it was no joke traveling 4+ hours as a family of five with such a young baby in tow - and I think we are all still recovering.  But it was awesome seeing everyone and the kiddos definitely had a blast flipping Bammy and Digby's (new!) house upside down.
Merry BLOMPSmas!

And once we got back from our travels, it was time to get ready for TJ's work Christmas party!  We hosted the party at our house, and it turned out to be such a great evening for T and his crew.  I made a big pot of potato soup and several appetizers, and all of the guests brought desserts to share/take home.  They did a white elephant gift exchange, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Have I ever mentioned how proud I am of my husband and how hard he works?  He gives his all to his job and I am just so grateful that he seems to be surrounded by a staff who appreciates and loves him like I do!

In my last post I mentioned that Brooks was busting out of his swaddle, so we decided it was time to transition to a sleep sack.  This is always a tough switch for babies who are used to being wrapped like a burrito, but our little caboose has done great!  He definitely struggled at first to fall asleep while flapping his arms around like crazy, but he's getting the hang of it and we are so very proud of our sweet little guy!

And speaking of sweet little guys...
E is giving me a run for my money.  He is such a stinker, y'all.  And so hilarious and smart and sneaky and I think he knows I am wrapped around his finger.  He is currently at a testing-the-limits and constantly-asking-why-stage and I am over here just taking deep breaths and praying for patience and counting down until happy hour.  But also?  Living life through his eyes is so joyful, and experiencing the holiday season with him at this age?  Pure magic.

And speaking of the holidays, PreK is officially out for Christmas break!  CK went to school in her pajamas this morning, and then we joined her for some chaotic preschool partyin' before bidding her teachers goodbye for two whole weeks.
I really am looking forward to having my girl home with us for the next two weeks, though I have a feeling this may be pretty accurate:
For now, though, I am excited about our plans and our un-plans from now 'til January, and I mostly look forward to slowing things down a bit and soaking up lots of time with my family of five. <3

Have a wonderful last-weekend-before-Christmas!!

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