Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy Friday!

Can I get a TGIF?!

This week it has hit me hard that it's time for me to slooooooow down.  38 weeks pregnant + two littles = an insane amount of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion and whew it's all just kicking my butt!  Of course I am so incredibly grateful to be expecting #3, but I learned the hard way this week that I need to let myself STOP every now and then, rather than keeping up my normal go-go-go mentality.  Which has actually been so nice, because it's forcing me to look away from the to-do list, and focus on my family of four... strolling around the neighborhood, playing in the driveway, laughing in the playroom...  I really am trying to soak up each snapshot before a whole new world of wonderful, welcome, beautiful chaos begins!

Another reason I'm slowing my roll right now?  My doc is out of town until next week!  And while I completely trust the other doctors who would step in in her absence, I feel like Dr. T knows me inside and out (ha!), and knows every little detail about our journey.  So I'm hoping this sweet little nugget holds out until at least Tuesday, and preferably next Friday (when I'm scheduled for my induction).  One week to go!

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?  T and I have been binge-watching it on Netflix, and while it took me a bit to get into it, I am hooked!  Cannot wait to see how it all unfolds...

Speaking of my hub, we had our last pre-baby date night last night and it was glorious.  Our scheduled sitter got sick, but luckily another one of his sweet coworkers volunteered to step in for her (Thank you so much, Alyssa!) so we could enjoy some time together.  We ate some delicious food and just soaked in each others company, excitedly and nervously anticipating the changes headed our way.  I am a lucky girl, that's for sure!

And with that, I'll leave you with pictures of the sweet #3's nursery... I knew from the very beginning I wanted to do all black-and-white since we once again don't know the gender, and I truly love how it turned out.  We may add a splash of color eventually, and we'll definitely be putting a black letter/monogram over the crib once he/she arrives... but for now, all that's missing is our last little one... <3

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!