Friday, September 23, 2016

Four Became Five

At 4:57pm on September 9th, four became five. <3

Which still absolutely blows my mind, since it seems like just yesterday we were told by so many doctors we'd likely always be a family of three.

And now - now we are five.  And my heart is so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude...

We decided we didn't want CK and E to come to the hospital until Saturday, so we could spend some one-on-one time with our caboose and soak in all of his newness.  Luckily T's mom and sister were loving and taking care of and spoiling CK and E, which made being away from them so much easier.  But needless to say, I was so, SO anxious and nervous and excited when they finally got to the hospital on Saturday morning.

I was so, SO anxious and nervous and excited to introduce them to their baby brother, their Brooks, their caboose.

We have it all on video, and it is something I will hold near and dear to my heart, cherishing those precious moments when CK and E laid eyes on our missing puzzle piece for the very first time.

The unconditional, innocent, pure love they both felt filled up the room immediately.  If there was ever a time in my life during which I thought my heart would burst, this was it.  I was so overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed we are - so overwhelmed by how lucky I am to be the mama of my three - THREE - children.


On Sunday we were discharged, and the emotions continued as we brought our little guy home, introducing him to our crazy, loud, chaotic, beautiful world...
And, of course, he needed an official introduction to Ellie:

I'm honestly not sure who is most obsessed with our little B...

Cameron Kate is such a little mama - she asks about Brooks all day, everyday, and he is the first thing she wants to see when she gets home from school.  And Everette is much more into having a baby around than I ever thought he would be - honestly, I thought he'd be indifferent about it all.  But he always wants to know, "Where'd baby go?!  Where'd 'Books' go?!"  And while E definitely requires constant supervision to make sure he doesn't pull off any newborn fingers or toes, it has been so incredible to watch his heart learn what it feels like to have a little brother.

I am so, so proud of both Cameron Kate and Everette.  The way they have transitioned into our new normal, the way they have accepted a whole new level of chaos, the way they have understood me needing to devote my attention elsewhere - and mostly, the way they have both wrapped Brooks up in their loving arms, making him feel at home, letting him know that we've been waiting for him, loving him with all of their might.

At 4:57pm on September 9th, four became five... and my heart will never, ever be the same. <3

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