Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today, I Will Brush My Hair

This morning, CK and I had to run a couple errands.  I threw on an oversized tshirt, a baseball hat, and some running shorts.  While I did manage to brush my teeth (you're welcome), that's about all I did in terms of getting spruced up.

As we walked into a store, I saw our reflection in the glass door.  Yikes, I thought, staring at myself.  But then I looked down at CK and realized that she, of course, was put together head-to-toe.  Hair brushed with a hairbow perfectly placed, an adorable outfit, and matching shoes.  "Well," I thought... "Hopefully people will just look at her and not notice me."

Fast-forward a few hours and we're sitting at our kitchen table, eating lunch.  She has some ham and cheese, carrots and tomatoes, olives, and fresh peaches.  Me?  A fried chicken sandwich with extra mustard, pickles, sour cream and onion chips, and a handful of Nerds (I'm probably the only person over the age of 16 who eats Nerds).

Why do we treat our children so much better than we treat ourselves?

We make sure they have balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables... we make sure they take naps... we make sure they get a good night's sleep... we limit tv time... we make sure they leave the house looking all cute and put-together... we make sure they get plenty of playtime and exercise...

And in the meantime, we're running around with a box of Nerds and greasy hair, stepping on Legos and looking for a clean pair of underwear.

These moments just made me realize that it's high time us mamas start trying to treat ourselves, our bodies, as well as we treat our children.  And this is more than just the vain side of putting on matching clothes - it's about our INSIDES.  We need vegetables, and naps, and playtime, too.

So for all of us mamas, while we all know our kids will always come first, let's try to take care of ourselves, too.  Make ourselves a priority every now and then.  Even if that just means that today we actually run a brush through our hair and grab an apple instead of a Little Debbie...



  1. Yeah. But. Fried chicken and chips taste so much better.

  2. Hahaha!! I love your posts. MOST mornings (for me) are like these disheveled days ;) I don't make eye contact with most people on these mornings!
    You & your 2.5 to 3.5 mile walks have inspired me to walk no less than 2.5 when I do my rounds on the treadmill.

    1. Ha! I usually try to keep my head down with a hat on. :) And yay for walking! The hardest part is getting started... once you get going, just keep going! :)

  3. Love this post! I need to make sure my grown-up babies (now moms) read and heed this!

    1. It's hard to "heed" it, for sure!! Miss you!