Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

For most of my childhood, I grew up without a dad.  I didn't really know what a "dad" was supposed to look like, supposed to be like.  How should he act, what should he do, what should he say?

Now, though, at thirty-one years old, I am beyond blessed to have many men in my life who have painted a pretty awesome picture of fatherhood.

To Dale, you came along and rescued four kids, making us feel like your own, when you fell in love with our mom.  Thank you for making me finally believe that a dad could exist in my life.

To Dr. Rev, you raised my most favorite man on the planet, and you truly are his hero.  He looks up to you with such admiration, as do I.  You taught him everything there is to know about fatherhood... and I can attest that you did an amazing job.  He is incredible.

To Tom, since day one you have made me feel unconditionally loved and supported.  The kindness in your eyes and the warmth in your smile have always felt like home to me.

And to my husband, my very best friend, and the most inspiring person and Dad I have ever known... You will never understand the joy I feel when I see the way you look at her.  We are so lucky to be your girls, and I cannot believe I get to journey through this thing called life holding your hand.  It's no secret that the past year has been rough for us, but we came out on top, because of you.  You were our rock, you never let me lose hope, you never let me give up.  I love you, babe, with every ounce of my being... and I am so proud to watch our children call you DAD.  YAWILFT.

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