Friday, June 27, 2014


Well, the girls I usually link up with for Five on Friday have gone on a little summer break, so today I'm going to post some TGIF randoms!

*Helloooooo Big Brother!!  The summer shenanigans have finally begun, and I can't wait to get lost in this mindless show.  And also?  T and I started watching The Last Ship (I think it's on TNT?) and we are HOOKED!

*Now that my nausea seems to only come in short, manageable spurts, I am back into my meal-planning and attempting-to-cook routine.  We usually try to do a meatless night once or twice a week to save money, which can be tricky for men!  As always, if you have any easy recipes, feel free to share!

*When we bought our house, we bought it knowing there were some renovations we wanted to have done.  Then we dove headfirst into all of the medical bills that come along with infertility, and the house took a back seat.  Now, though, we're trying to see if there is anything we can do before #2 makes his/her debut this fall.  We had a contractor come out this week to work on getting a quote, and I am so anxious to get her response!  While we'll most likely only do one thing off of our list anytime soon, it's exciting to imagine making this house our own!

*Y'all, our summer has been SO fun so far!  We've been visiting the playground, taking part in a summer gymnastics class, growing and picking all kind of vegetables from our very own garden, feeding the ducks with new friends, taking advantage of all of the library's free entertainment (storytime and animal shows galore!), swimming in the neighborhood pool, going to the zoo, splashing at various splash pads, attending a water park party sponsored by our church, etc. etc. etc.  We even surprised our girl with her very own swing set!  We have lots of fun things coming up, too!!  I apologize for the past and future Instagram overload if you're a follower! (@jmpeele)

*Hallelujah, there's a new (delicious!) boiled peanut stand in town!  I may or may not have gone three times last week.  Now, if only I could track down a shaved ice stand...

*I joined Influenster and just got my very first VoxBox!  Here's a picture of my loot:

I can't wait to use the nail polish color this week when CK and I do our pedicures, and I also can't wait to get my free Jamba Juice smoothie!  I've already used the CoverGirl Bombshell mascara, and really liked it - my lashes are always struggling so I need all the help I can get!  Also, I loved the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun lotion... it even helped to soothe mosquito bites.  I'm so excited about joining up with Influenster!  (*Note... I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes.)

*After a couple challenging weeks with my CK, I decided to implement a sticker reward chart to focus on positive reinforcement.  It's been very successful so far!!  Here is the one I got.  It's completely customizable, so you can use their category labels or make up your own.  We focus on two behaviors at a time, and her goal is to earn 10 stickers for a behavior.  Once she earns 10, she gets a reward!  She actually earned 10 in BOTH categories we were working on this week, so yesterday we took a trip to Target and she got to pick out two rewards from the dollar spot... which she thought was just about the best thing in the world.  A lollipop and pool toy later, and we were back at home, talking about her good choices and what we were going to focus on next!

*I am happy to report that other than a little nausea here and there and a few food aversions, I am feeling much better.  HOWEVER.  I have quickly learned that sciatic nerve pain is no.joke.  It's been bothering me for awhile, but now it is intense.   Like, the pain in my lower back and upper butt will stop me in my tracks, sometimes make me fall to my knees, and take my breath away.  It creeps into my pelvic bone, often feeling like someone is ripping it apart from the inside.  And while I'm sleeping, it tends to ache down my entire leg.  Unfortunately, my 3-mile walks make it worse... and twice this week I had to cut my exercise sessions short because of the pain.  I am trying so hard not to complain during this pregnancy, because we all know I want this baby with every ounce of my being, but WOW this is tough.  Anyone ever dealt with it and have any suggestions?  My OB suggested a heating pad and support belt to help reposition things, which feels a little silly this early on.  But, I'm almost desperate...

*And speaking of Rocky.... I guess we're in the market for a double jogging stroller, preferably a Bob.  Anyone have a used one for sale?!

*And finally... I think I've mentioned this a time or two... but MY BABY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY!!!  And the shower we've been planning to spoil her sweet baby girl is tomorrow!  I'll be leaving bright and early in the morning to head to Columbia, and I cannot wait to soak up the day and night with some of my favorite ladies.  Yay Baby Buechel!!!!!

TGIF and have an awesome weekend!


  1. I had sciatic nerve pain around 6 months with Livi and it was NO JOKE. It was probably the worst pain throughout the entire pregnancy. Sorry I have no advice though, other than hopefully it will go away! Love you!

    1. Thanks for the help! ha! SEE YOU SOON!!!!!