Friday, December 4, 2015

Five on Friday... WHEW!

Helloooooooooo Friday.
I apologize for the lack of blogging, and for the lack of meaningful blogs at that.  I'm popping in with a quick Five on Friday before the Peele circus awakens from their naps... I SHOULD be napping, too, because I am exhausted - but I am a terrible napper and usually end up stirring until the kids wake up and then kick myself for not being productive with the oh-so-cherished nap time!

Which leads me to number one.  Y'all... I am BEAT.  And I know I am not alone - this time of year is exhausting and busy and non-stop for everyone.  I feel like since CK's birthday, life has been in fast-forward ~ We had her birthday and then Halloween and then E's birthday and family in town and multiple trips out of town and work and Christmas shopping and sickness and one-year molars and church and friends and exercise and cooking and I could go on, and on, and on.  I am not complaining, I promise - because the busy we've had has been a GREAT kind of busy... a loving-life and so-blessed kind of busy.  Honestly, it's the going out of town that's so exhausting I think!  It takes days to prepare/pack, and then days to un-prepare/un-pack - not to mention how hard it is to make long car trips with two littles in tow!  I never realized how on-the-go we are with our travels until some of my local friends commented that we are always out of town! ha!  Which is par for the course when you don't have your family in town, I guess.  Anyway, I'm rambling... all of that to say, we have one more out-of-town trip next weekend for BLOMPS Christmas at my parents' house - which is always a blast!  And then we're parking our little hineys in Carrollton throughout the rest of the holidays and for the foreseeable future.

Another reason I'm exhausted?  This kid right here:
Such.a.stinker.  He is going to give me a run for my money, this one.  He is constantly getting into any and everything he can get his hands on - and will do something he knows he shouldn't, look at you, and give you the sneakiest little smirk.  He is 90 miles an hour, like the Tasmanian devil the minute his feet knees hit the floor.  And I am 100% wrapped around his wild little fingers!

And that little Tasmanian devil?  Still not walking!  He'll take anywhere from 3-10 steps with his arms straight above his head, but his preferred mode of transportation is to crawl at lightening speed.

And then there's this sweet girl...
A girl who definitely still has her moments, but has one of the kindest, most compassionate, most genuine, most sincere hearts I have ever known.  Being her mama just makes me so proud, makes me take a lot of deep breaths, and makes me laugh out loud multiple times throughout the day!  
One of my most favorite recent moments?  I walked into the playroom to get E for his morning nap, and she adamantly stated:  "No mama!  I got us all dressed for our wedding.  Everette is the king.  Before the king naps, I need you to marry us."

Despite all the crazy around here, we sure are getting into the Christmas spirit!  I'm not a fan of the cold weather, but I must admit that it's hard to feel all Christmas'y when I can go for my morning run in shorts and a tank top!  Good news is the temperature has finally plummeted (well, in GA standards) which makes it feel a lot more like Christmas!  We visited a tree farm and got our tree up, we've got our house decorated, we went to the local Holiday Wishes Christmas parade last night (which was so fun!), our Elf on the Shelf (Zoombie!) has arrived, and we're going to the Rudolph puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta tomorrow!  And we've got so many more fun things planned throughout this month.  Despite the chaos and exhaustion that comes with normal life + normal life with two littles + normal life with two littles during the holiday season, I fully intend on soaking up all December has to offer.  I can tell you one thing with complete certainty - Christmas season as a mama is absolutely, positively magical... <3

Have a great weekend!

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