Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry & Magical

As our Christmas card said, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.  Being a mama during Christmastime is the absolute best.  And the older CK gets, the more magical it all feels.  Life through a child's eyes is pretty awesome.  And Christmas from the point-of-view of your son/daughter? No words.

And because I never want to forget, here's a recap of how we celebrated Christmas around these parts, with a whole lotta pictures and a few words, too...

 I'm a big fan of traditions.  Like most families, we always make cookies for Santa.  This year, however, I found a cookie press much like the one my mama always used, and recreated cookies for Santa with her old, Canadian recipe.  So fun and equally delicious!

This little nugget has been under the weather, but between lots of crying, coughs, and fevers, we got some smiles out of him!

All dressed up for Christmas Eve church service!

Disclaimer:  I took the following pictures before the service started, I promise!  
CK was so excited that they got to sit in "big church." But I'm not gonna lie... having both of them with us throughout the service was WORK.  By the Benediction, our pew was covered in snack wrappers, crumbs, crumpled bulletins, a baby shoe, and a hairbow.

After church, we picked up dinner and headed home for pajamas, pizza, kids in bed, wine for mama, and the first of many viewings of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  But first, reindeer food sprinkled on the lawn and milk and cookies (and carrots!) on the fireplace for Santa.

 Santa came!
 And ate his cookies!

Obligatory top-of-the-stairs picture:


 And the last surprise... a bounce house from Meme!

And one of the best gifts I've ever gotten?  Surprise canvases painted by my people... The first, from my daughter who taught me what it means to love to the moon and back.  The second, from my son, who truly is a miracle.

My whole world, right here.  The three people who make everyday feel like Christmas.
I hope yours was equally merry and magical! <3

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