Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remember Your Happy

In a world where there seems to be too much bad.
So many tragedies.
In a world where I'm always scared to turn on the news, for fear of what I might see.
In a life where we all get wrapped up in the small stuff, stress about the little things.
During a time of year when life feels so busy, chaotic, constant, never-ending...
Now, more than ever before, I find so much peace in remembering my happy.  Whether your life is at a high or a low - because all of our lives ebb and flow - it is imperative that you relish in whatever it is that brings you joy, whatever it is that brings a smile to the corners of your mouth, whatever it is that makes you stop.. and breathe.. and appreciate.
So my challenge for all of you is to stop what you're doing right now (if possible!) and remember your happy.
Make a list - be it mental, an iPhone Notes list, or good ol' pen and paper - Make a list of at least five things that make your heart happy.  And then add to it, constantly.  And reflect on it, continuously.

Here are twenty-five of mine...

1. Getting surprises in the mail
2. Everette's giggles, and how he asks to be tickled over, and over, and over again
3. Crisp, fall mornings
4. College football season
5. Cupcakes
6. Cute new workout clothes
7. Surprising other people
8. Thanksgiving... my absolute favorite holiday
9. The smell of a Christmas tree (or a Christmas tree candle!)
10. The first, wobbly, drunken baby steps
11. My mama's home-cooking
12. Online shopping - nothing like a "Your Item Has Been Shipped!" email in the inbox!
13. A house decorated for Christmas
14. Nightly Advent readings with my family, and CK's sweet responses ("I hope that Jesus will always love me...") <3
15. Baking and licking the bowl
16. A baby wearing only a diaper
17. Random family dance parties
18. Singing (badly) at the top of my lungs in the car
19. A long, hot, uninterrupted shower
20. Christmas music on the radio
21. Target
22. Caramel popcorn
23. The smell of a new book
24. The quiet of a house before everyone starts stirring
25. Impromptu I-love-you's

Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if we made every holiday party, bought (or received!) the perfect gift, missed a sale, or cooked a homemade meal every night.  You won't think back on this time in your life and remember what shoes you were wearing, if you missed your workout, or how much money was in your bank account.

But you will remember your child learning the story of Christmas, the wonder in your one-year-old's eyes, a surprise on your front doorstep that made your day, the mid-pancake-making dance parties in your kitchen on a Saturday morning.

What you will remember is your happy.


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