Friday, August 28, 2015

The Friday Five, errrr, Four

This week has basically chewed me up and spit me out, leaving me frazzled and exhausted and run ragged.

Anyone else?

So here's a somewhat lame attempt at a Five Four on Friday...

E is in full-on tasmanian devil mode, and of course I say that with complete affection.  He's a cabinet-opening, dog-food-eating, everything-dangerous-finding little stinker and our house is way overdue for some baby-proofing.  S.O.S.

And how in the world is my tasmanian devil so close to being 1?!  The birthday planning has officially begun for my almost-1-year-old and almost-4-year-old.  My big girl will be having her first-ever joint birthday party with some local friends... four of her friends also turn four in October!  And I think I've decided on my sweet little boy's birthday party theme.  Can't wait to share all the details!

Summer is coming to an end, and after Labor Day, CK will start back at preschool three days a week.  So we've been soaking up the last of the lazy summer days - days of little to no plans, days of lingering pajama-wearing, days of being barefoot in the backyard 'til the sun goes down.  In an attempt to squeeze every last bit of fun I can out of these days, I've been trying to plan some fun post-nap activities for the kids.  Yesterday's neighborhood scavenger hunt was a huge hit!

And I'm ending with #4 today because... THE LUTONS ARE COMING TO TOWN!  We cannot wait to have my sister and her family in GA all weekend.  So looking forward to watching the cousins play while we talk and laugh and drink and eat all weekend long.  The guys are gonna get in a round of golf, and us mamas plan to sneak away for some pedis and shopping.  And how cool is this?!  We were all together this exact same weekend four years ago!  Banks was just a tiny little thing, and Cameron and Raleigh were in our bellies!!

And with that, I'm off to finish up some things before our guests arrive.  Have a great weekend, and here's hoping next week doesn't completely kick my butt like this one did!


  1. I can't wait to hear your birthday party plans! I need to get on Abigail's too. I always forget her and E share a bday! :)