Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Confessions!

*I've been all about some Pandora lately... while I'm cleaning, cooking, etc... I'll hook up the bluetooth speaker and pretty much have a solo dance party around the house.

*I want this coffee cup:

*I truly, 100% believe in the power of retail therapy.  Which is probably why...

*I have an online shopping addiction.  To my credit, I rarely if ever buy anything for myself!

*Sometimes when we get home from a playdate/running errands/the pool/anywhere, I will sit in the garage in the car with the kids for just a few extra minutes before unloading everyone and going inside.  It's the only time both kids are contained and calm.  I'll either scroll through social media, check email, catch up on texts... or just sit there and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

*I am FitBit obsessed.  I feel naked if I'm not wearing it, and am so competitive with myself!

*The shows I have recorded on my DVR are embarrassing.  I don't know if it's because I go-go-go all day long and when I finally sit in front of the tv to relax in the evenings, I need something mindless.  But it really is embarrassing.

*And on that note, I'm currently reading I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends, which was written by a former contestant on The Bachelor.  For all of you who have been sucked into The Bachelor franchise, you must read this book!  So, so interesting.

*I love a monogram.  On any and everything.  T doesn't get it, always asking me why I/CK/E need our names on all of our things, ha!

*I may have a teensy, tiny bit of baby fever.  Yes, E is only 9 months old and yes, I'm crazy.

*I have to have a clean house before I go on an out-of-town trip, because I cannot stand coming home to a dirty house.  So before our beach trip a couple weeks ago, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, and it felt soooo good coming home to that!

*And speaking of cleaning, I have to confess that I got unnecessarily frustrated with CK the other day when I kept telling her to CLEAN UP HER ROOM and PLAYROOM and it wasn't getting done.  She kept telling me she'd finished cleaning, and I'd walk in and it was still a disaster.  And then - I realized I'd never explained to her what cleaning up a room really means.  Oops.

*I've never been an ice-cream-at-home kinda gal.  I love going out for ice cream, but have never been the kind of person who unwinds with a spoon and a carton.  Until now.  At this moment in time, there are FIVE PINTS of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer you guys.  Cookie Dough, Cookie Butter Core, Peanut Butter Core, Red Velvet, and my personal fave:

*I am much more content when I am busy.  When I am busy, I always complain that I need some downtime, some no-plans/lazy days.  And then I have about one of those and I'm ready to be on-the-go again.  It gives me more anxiety going into a week if we have an empty calendar rather than a full one!

*I'm so over E's helmet.  His head really is improving, and for that I am grateful.  But it's so hot, it stinks, it's a pain, and I miss snuggling up to his sweet noggin'. Hopefully, fingers and toes and everything crossed, we've got about a month to go.

*I am love-love-loving Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with caramel.  Like, I wish I could have one every morning.

*One of my favorite things to do is watch my kids play.  CK is in this wonderful imaginative play stage, where she will get wrapped up in her own world and dialogue and come up with scenarios and songs and play by herself for long periods of time.  E is crawling nonstop, all over, getting into any and everything and approaching the world with such a wide-eyed desire to discover.  And don't even get me started on how they play together. <3  Sometimes I just sit there quietly and watch them... it's my favorite.

*And speaking of those two - I've always truly believed in the innate differences between boys and girls.  Having taught elementary school for ten years, I saw it daily.  And having only a daughter for three years, I'd see the differences between her and her little boy buddies.  She'd sit and play contently and somewhat quietly, and the boys would be  Now?  Now I see it firsthand, all day long.  It's crazy to me how different E and CK are already!  E is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING and seems to already have a boundless energy and loves to be messy and dirty and omigosh, someone teach me how to be a mama to a boy!

*I haven't slept through the night in about two months.  My sweet little butterball E, who we worked hard to make a very good sleeper in his early days, has decided that sleeping through the night is for the birds.  It all started right around the time he got his helmet (which yes, he has to wear to sleep).  So is it (a)the helmet?  (b)9 month growth spurt?  (c)9 month sleep regression?  (d)teeth?  (e)manipulation?  (f)all of the above?  (g)none of the above?  (h)some of the above?  Your guess is as good as mine.  We've tried letting him cry - it didn't work.  We've tried sending T in to soothe him instead of me - it didn't work.  The only thing that helps in the middle of the night is me - or at least, the goods only I can give him.  We always put him down awake, and honestly, after he eats during his night-wakingS he's always still awake... I'll put him back in his crib and he happily goes back to sleep.  But y'all, I am TIRED.  S-O-S.

*And speaking of my non-sleeping buddy-roo, poor thing has been a snotty, coughing, congested, drooling mess this week.  I've been back-and-forth about whether to take him to the ped, since he's had a low-grade fever here and there.. is it teeth?  Ears?  Again, who the heck knows!  But I hate paying $40 just to find out if my kid has an ear infection.  So, yesterday I ordered my own otoscope on Amazon.  Ha!  Dr. Mama.

*And a personal confession - I'm really happy with my post-baby weight loss.  I have worked really hard to get where I am, which is about 10 lbs lighter than I was pre-Everette (only because the IVF process put about 10 lbs on me to start!).  BUT... I really want to tone up.  Everything feels so - jiggly.  Problem is, I need to run like I need to breathe.  It is an addiction for me.  But I know if I want to see changes in my body, I need to sub in some strength training.  So HELP!  I need good, not too long, at-home suggestions for getting my loose bits less loose.  I've done pretty much all of Jillian Michaels' things, so I'd love something different.  Suggestions appreciated!

*It's time to start some back-to-school shopping for my girl, so we started with getting her foot sized.  I learned quickly that my threenager now has quite an opinion about what shoes go on her feet.  And I learned this the hard way.  One minute in the shoe store and I had to physically pry her away from the light-up Anna and Elsa shoes.  And around every corner was another pair of dang Frozen shoes.  So I got her shoe size and then hightailed it out of there, telling her they were all out of her size IN ALL THE SHOES.  We came home and online shopped together, and after about 30 minutes, we both compromised and settled on a pair of silver, sparkly Sauconys with pink trim.  Praise Jesus.  And for the rest of her back-to-school shopping, I will be going alone.

Happy weekend, from us to you!


  1. I have almost all of the exact same confessions. We're like birds of a feather.

    1. Can we please schedule a meet-up at some point in our lives?!