Friday, August 21, 2015

5 on Friday!

Can you even handle it?!  My stepbrother and his wife had their first baby last week on August 13th.  This precious little boy, Wilson, has stolen all of our hearts.  He makes grandchild #8 on my side, with an even four girls and four boys.  Don't you just wanna snuggle him?!  Luckily I got to this past weekend...
Because this little stud muffin made his debut about 12 hours before I came into town, five days before his due date!  Way to go, buddy!  He is perfection, and I am just beyond thrilled for the new mama and daddy.

And why was I in Charleston, you ask?  Well, I headed down there to spend some quality time with family... 

but also to have a mini-getaway with some of my best girls from high school!  My brother and his wife let me unload my kids on them for about 24 hours so I could soak up laughing with these girls.
We had an incredible lunch and walked around in downtown Charleston, had drinks overlooking the Battery, and then spent the evening eating, laughing, drinking, and laughing some more at my friend's incredible house on Daniel Island.  There's just something so refreshing about spending time with some of your favorite childhood friends, friends who know practically everything about you and love you just the same.  Already looking forward to our next weekend together!

You guys I found the coolest product!  I used to workout with and follow an awesome group of mamas when I lived in Winston Salem... mamas who were all about a healthy (and fun!  and practical!) lifestyle.  We did these stroller-in-the-park workouts that were unbelievable!  Anyway, one of the mamas and her husband have created a brand called Raise Them Well, as they are passionate about what we put on and in both our bodies and our kids' bodies.  Well, one of their products, this Zinc Oxide powder, is so awesome.  
When you buy it you get a free e-recipe book, which includes how to make your own diaper cream, acne cream, and sunscreen.  The recipes are fool-proof, and the end products are incredibly effective and 100% safe for both you and your kiddos.  The best news?  From today until August 28th, you can get $10 off with the code CCRSZO10.  I highly, highly recommend you take advantage and stock up on this stuff - I only wish I'd had it in hand when I first became a mama four years ago!

I feel like I haven't updated on my girl CK in awhile!  She'll be back in preschool three days a week soon, and while I am looking forward to having a few hours a week to be a little more productive around these parts, I am truly going to miss her!  Y'all, she is just the sweetest girl with the kindest heart.  She is growing up too quickly, and our relationship is just so awesome.  She is my best, my sidekick, my mini-me.  She is becoming so thoughtful and introspective, so curious and smart.  We talk about many grown-up things, and when she asks questions, no matter how uncomfortable the answers are, I try to answer her honestly.  Most recently, she is obsessed with death and dying and heaven.  Just yesterday:
"Mommy, I have another question about heaven."
"Will God let me bring my elephant Ellie and my monkey Mel-Mel?" <3
Also?  She is absolutely, 100% obsessed with her little brother.  She wants to play with him all day, everyday.  And making him laugh brings her so much true, pure joy.  But lately?  She's all about carrying him around the house.
Thank goodness he's usually in a helmet!

Speaking of the helmet... we have an appointment two weeks from today, which they call "D-day"!  Two weeks from today marks 12 weeks in the helmet, and at that point Everette will either "graduate" or have to wear it for six more weeks.  Fingers crossed!  Our little ray of sunshine had his 9-month checkup this week, where he clocked in at 20lbs 2oz (55th percentile) and 29.7" (90th percentile).  
And can we all pause for a minute and send thanks to the heavens because... last night, for the first time in as long as I can remember, E slept through the night!  And the angels sang HALLELUJAH. Our ped gave us some great tips at our appointment on Wednesday, which we put into practice that night.  And then last night the little stinker slept twelve hours like a champ.  Here's hoping it continues!  And lastly, here's hoping this little guy's new silly face brings a smile to your Friday:
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Don't withhold the goods- what were the peds tips for sleeping?! :p

    Oh sweet CK. We've had almost the identical convo with Abigail about seahorse :)

    1. She basically said that crying-it-out just doesn't work for some babies (trust me, we tried it!). So she had two suggestions. The first was to let him cry/fuss for awhile to see if he'd settle down on his own, but our problem with E is that he'd get himself SO worked up. So before he does that, if he's not calming down at all, go into his room and soothe him but do NOT pick him up. No matter how much he sits up or stands up, keep laying him back down and tell him it's okay, mama's here, etc. It made him really mad at first, but he eventually got it. But the MAIN suggestion that I think is genius - go ahead and let him sleep with a "lovey" or two. TRY to get him attached to something. But walk around with it inside of your shirt or in your pocket all day, so it smells like you. That way when he wakes up he can find it and snuggle it and it'll help soothe himself. GENIUS.

  2. Please do share the sleep recommendations!! Pretty please. :-)

    1. See above! One night of that and he's been sleeping every since (fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all that jazz).

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  4. Ah I see, I've been trying the lovey (and it's definitely helped) but never thought to walk around with in my shirt to get my scent on it. Nor did I think to try more than one lovey in her crib. Smart! I have her lovey in my shirt as we speak. :-) Thanks for the tips! So happy E has been sleeping through the night for you!!