Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BLOMPS Beach Trip!

I may need a diet, a week of detox, and a 24-hour nap... but our BLOMPS family beach trip was absolute perfection.  A beachfront house with 21 people - 14 adults, 7 (almost 8!) kiddos... seven days, beautiful weather, lots of adult beverages, tons of delicious food, days spent on the beach, my baby boy napping on my chest, putt-putt with our big girl, jumping and riding the waves, corn hole, late night beach fishing, runs with an ocean view, sandy diapers, sandcastles, ocean tea parties, seashell hunts, tons of laughter, and the perfect kind of chaos.  So many moments I will always, always remember.  And without further ado, too many pictures to document our week:
We're HERE!
Showing E the ocean for the first time.
Meanwhile, this little girl literally hit the sand running... and never stopped!
The first of many handfuls of sand in the mouth.
Our daily scene.
Love this stud.
Whit and SkySky!
View from our balcony!
Out sans kids thanks to Bammy and Digby!
Love my siblings!
She never.stopped.moving.
Aka heaven.
Late-night beach fishing with my main squeeze!
Oceanfront runs are my FAVE.
Trying to keep him IN ONE PLACE.
Bammy and Digby!!
That face <3
Headstand contest!  (I lost.)
Girls' only walk to the pier!
The oldest and youngest cousins!
The ladies! :)
Putt-putting for the oldest 3.
A failed attempt at a pic of all four 2014 babes.
Meme stopped by for a visit!

Wine while watching a thunderstorm roll in off of the ocean.
Early morning seashell hunt, just me and my best girl
Uncle Ronald caught a fish!
More special visitors - our second cousins!
And Great Aunt Faye!
And for our last night, we surprised the biggest kids with a glow-stick and sparkler beach party!
So, so blessed. <3  Until next time!!

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