Friday, July 3, 2015

5 on Friday!

Y'all I am t.i.r.e.d.  Our sweet little stinker of a butterball started sleeping through the night very, very early on.  I'm talking like 10-13 hours at seven weeks old.  Yes, we were lucky.  Well, he continued to sleep that well for like 6 months.  And then he stopped.  Just like that.  We went to see the ped at the beginning of June because of E's eczema, and she said his night wakings were likely because of his eczema or a growth spurt or because she could see that he was getting his top two teeth.  Then about a week later he got his helmet.  And the night wakings continued.  Usually only once, but sometimes twice - and I'd go in and nurse him and he'd go right back to sleep, so I really didn't mind.  But after doing that for a month and a half, I was exhausted.  I don't feel comfortable just letting him cry-it-out at this point, because I'm not convinced he needs sleep training.  I think he just has a lot going on right now. So, we're attempting to send T in at night instead of me to settle him down without giving him a midnight snack.  Thank goodness I'm married to the best Daddy in the world!  And also, this morning I noticed that the top right gum has finally split open!  Yahoo!  As sad as I'll be to lose more of his sweet gummy smile, I'll welcome the teeth if it = sleep.

And again, y'all I am t.i.r.e.d.  It was all cute and exciting when Everette started crawling on Sunday, but the kid is into EVERYTHING.  Word on the street is that TJ was a mess of a baby/toddler, climbing out of his crib before he could even walk.  And looks like E is gonna be his mini-me.  The minute you put Everette on the ground, he is into any and everything he can get his hands on.  Such a mess and I can already tell he is going to be all boy.  Which I absolutely love!  I am tired, yes, and the house has a whole new perfectly chaotic energy about it, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But despite my exhaustion, T and I managed to sneak in two date nights over the course of five days! And the angels sang, HALLELUJAH!  First was a wedding for a sweet friend here in town, which was a blast.  And the second was because a few of TJ's sweet and incredibly generous colleagues practically begged us to go out on a date so they could come play with the kids.  So we took them up on their offer and I literally danced into the movie theatre with my large tub of popcorn and purse full of smuggled-in candy.  And for the record, Jurassic World 3D was so, so good!

We just bought CK a big girl car seat!  I can't believe it's the last seat she'll be in.  Crazy!  I'm going to keep her in a five-point harness as long as I possibly can and I have no desire to rush to a booster like, ever.  I ended up getting her the Britax Frontier after researching and looking and researching some more.  This five-point harness big girl seat will transition all the way to a basic booster once she's ready.  You know, when she's like 18.  And now I can move E to her Britax Boulevard!  I'm sure he's technically fine in his infant seat for awhile, but he's just so big and I feel like he needs a sturdier and more protective seat.  We also decided just to get one new seat, which means only one kid-friendly car.  It may not be incredibly convenient, but car seats are expensive and we tend to take the same car any time we travel as a family anyway.

Happy 4th of July weekend!  Tomorrow I'm running the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta with my sister-in-law...  I definitely feel ready, but my knee started killing me yesterday!  It'll be fine, I'm sure, but so annoying!  I think it's just because I desperately need new running shoes, but didn't want to make a shoe-change right before the race.  (Speaking of, anyone ever run in Altra shoes?  I've been wanting to try them!)  Anyway, we're going to celebrate the 4th with my sister-in-law and her family all weekend, and I am so excited!  I hope you have a great weekend partying for America's birthday!!

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