Sunday, June 21, 2015

To My Husband:

I grew up not knowing what it meant to have a Dad...
Dreaming one day I'd give my kids a life I never had.

I wondered if that dream would ever come true -
And then I met and fell in love with you.

I could look into your eyes and see into your soul,
And when you (finally!) married me, my heart became whole.

We lived a little, laughed a lot, spending time just you and me...
Not much to be responsible for, other than our dog, Bailey.

Our hearts then ached for more... we watched my belly grow.
Everyone said, "Just you wait..." and little did we know...

Just how much we were capable of feeling -
Remembering you holding our new daughter sends my heart reeling.

Your tears said it all - you were born to be a Dad.
And I immediately knew it would be the best job you ever had.

We fell in love with our girl and being a family of three,
But soon we both wanted to add more to our little tree.

Little did we know what that journey would entail...
We tried so hard to grow our family, to no avail.

I wanted to give up, struggled to focus on hope...
But you were my strength and my rock, helping me cope.

You wouldn't let us get defeated by it all;
YOU kept us going, holding my hand, not letting me fall.

And then... there were two lines.  I showed you with a grin.
You jumped right out of the shower and wrapped me up, with a spin.

We wished, we hoped, we held our breath, we prayed.
And then... IT'S A BOY!  We both exclaimed.

I saw you become a daddy again...
This time to your son, your Everette, your best friend.

Watching you as a father is one of my greatest joys...
See you with her and now, our little boy.

You've mended my heart that never knew a Dad,
Giving my children a life I never really had.

You are the best part of their day, and I truly hope you see
Just how much you mean to them... how much you mean to me.

T... We're all so lucky to be yours.
Your wife, your daughter, your son.  Our little family of four.

So Happy Father's Day to you, the most incredible man I've ever known.
You've made all my dreams come true, and I cannot wait to see where our life continues to go... <3

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