Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Whole Lotta Randoms

It's been a good, but busy week of summer!  Lots of runs to get ready for my 10k next weekend, lots of early morning time with Jesus, lots of trips to the pool, swim lessons, lots of home-cooked meals for my crew, a puppet show at the library, a trip to the movie theatre, lots of backyard water play, and lots (and lots!) of laundry.


So, I'm here with a brainless list of randoms...

*We had such a great Father's Day weekend!  Other than a birthday party and church, we had ZERO plans which was just what we needed.  So we spent time as a family of four and were able to spoil T on Sunday, which he so deserved.  
His big gift was an awesome sketch I had made by a graphic artist I found on Instagram (follow her @sketchedinmemories).  Here is the original picture and then the sketch she did, which I framed and plan on using as the center of a new gallery wall in our house.  I love it!

*Finally.  FINALLY.  Big Brother started last night!  T used to make fun of me for watching it, but last summer I got him sucked in and for the past month he's been asking when it was going to start.  Let the mindless, trashy summer tv begin!

*You guys.  It is SO HOT outside.  Amiright or amiright?!  I've been having to run early in the morning with a stroller fan running for poor E (that helmet makes him so hot!).  It's almost even been too unbearable for the pool!  Here in GA, even if the high is in the 90s, it typically feels like 100+ with the humidity.  Yikes.

*And maybe it's because it's been so hot, but all of a sudden I am loving white wine!  I haven't enjoyed white wine since college, and maybe I enjoyed too much of it then which is why I've stayed away for so long.  But I had a bottle left over from an event I hosted, so I cracked it open a few weeks ago and I haven't looked back.

*Our local movie theatre offers $1 movies throughout the summer on specified days, and I decided to brave it today with both kiddos in tow.  It was so fun!  CK was adorable throughout the entire movie, and E was a trooper.  While CK enjoyed popcorn and a slushy, E napped, nursed, ate some puffs, and happily sucked his two fingers.  Can't wait to do it again!

*If E's top teeth could just bust through those gums once and for all we would all be so appreciative.

*Speaking of Everette, he's doing so well with his helmet you guys.  I am proud of my stud muffin, though not one bit surprised.  He is such a ray of sunshine, I tell ya!  He has been waking up in the middle of the night, which I'm not sure if is because of the helmet or the teeth, but a quick nursing session and he goes right back to sleep.  We go to ATL tomorrow morning for our first progress check... fingers crossed he's already showing improvement with that sweet noggin'!

*Did I ever post on here that I got an iPhone 6?!  I was due for an upgrade, and I LOVE it.

*And while I'm talking about technology, y'all know I love my FitBit.  But.  It broke last week.  Like just stopped working, all of a sudden.  Mind you, it was my THIRD ONE.  The other two also had issues - my first one wasn't counting steps and the button broke off of the second one.  So when #3 went on the fritz last week, I was so frustrated!  I wanted to just throw in the towel with the whole FitBit deal, but I really, really love it and it has motivated me so much!  So, I called the company, customer service was great, and I ended up getting my money back and was sent a free one.  If this one dies, I think I'll just try another brand.  So now all of my FitBit friends, you know why my steps have fallen by the wayside lately!

*Twenty-three days 'til we're beach bound for an entire week!!

*Anyone watch How to Get Away with Murder?  I taped it when it first started last fall, but never got around to watching it.  I finally started about two-and-a-half weeks ago and pretty much couldn't stop until I got to the season finale.  So.Good.

*So, I'm a dessert-every-night-after-dinner kind of girl.  And recently I cannot get enough ICE CREAM!  I've never been an ice-cream-at-home kind of girl.  I like ice cream, but typically only from an ice cream parlor.  But here lately, I am all about some Ben & Jerry's, straight out of the container.

*Have y'all heard of Norwex?  My friend Dana is a consultant, and I recently ordered a few items from her and I am HOOKED.  The company is all about making our homes chemical-free through the use of incredible cleaning products.  You guys, this stuff is legit.  The products make cleaning your home so much easier and faster.  And it's so nice knowing all of those chemicals aren't floating around.  I am seriously obsessed, and am about to place another order to get more stuff.  A cloth that only requires water to become antibacterial and completely clean things up?  And then the cloth self-cleans as it hangs to dry?  YES PLEASE.  I am so into this stuff that Dana and I have decided to do a joint event - Rodan + Fields and Norwex.  Clean out your pores and clean up your house!  Details to come on the party details.  In the meantime, if you want to know more about Norwex, let me know and I'll send you to Dana... she's an expert!

*I cannot get enough of my CK these days.  She is HILARIOUS and I really think (hope! wish! pray!) we are over the worst of the threenager phase.  We are having so much fun together, laughing hysterically and being silly and she is just my little shadow, my little mini-me.  Until yesterday, when we had a rough, rough morning.  So rough, in fact, I took (and hid) her beloved Ellie.  Eeeek.  I think I found a new and incredibly effective consequence for my girl.

*And speaking of my girl, swim lessons are going so well!  She's always scared as they begin, and it makes my heart hurt to watch her little lip quiver while she tries so hard to be brave.  Sometimes she'll cry through the lesson, but will continue to do everything her instructor asks her to do.  I can't wait to watch her confidence soar over the next couple months!

*And one more thing about E... you guys, he's thisclose to crawling.  And will even get up on all fours, rock, and take a couple movements forward before his chubby little arms give out.  I'm so proud of him, but equally terrified of him becoming mobile.  Also, the kid can put away some food!  I have started trying to slowly transition from baby food to finger foods.  Since I made my own food this time, I didn't really go through step 1, 2, and 3 foods in terms of thickness/texture/pieces.  I decided to just start giving him bits of food to see how he'd do.  And I can already tell he may eat us out of house and home!  Today for lunch he had half an avocado, a handful of puffs, two whole strawberries cut into pieces, a third of a peach cut into pieces, and about a third of a broken up cheese stick.  And I think he may have been able to eat more!

*I'm so excited... T and I are going to have TWO date nights in the next week!  Saturday night we have a wedding here in town, and then next Wednesday his boss and coworkers so graciously offered to keep the kids so we could sneak away for a bit.  We're thinking we may go to the movies and lose ourselves in way too much popcorn, candy, and Jurassic World.  Can't wait!

Have a great end-of-the-week and a wonderful weekend!  TGIalmostF!!

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