Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello, June.

Hello, June...

Hello, Everette's first bites of watermelon, first word ("dada!"), first time in a pool.

Hello, sidewalk paint.

Hello, longer runs.

Hello, slip 'n slides.

Hello, yard sales.

Hello, spelling your name all by yourself.

Hello, baby snuggles.

Hello, timeout corner on the back porch.

Hello, unconditional sibling love.

There is so much I'm saying hello to today, the first day of June, as I feel like we're ready to welcome summer with open arms.  For the next couple of months, my goal is to have fun plans and to have no plans, all mixed together to make memories that last forever.

So hello pajama days, feeding ducks, making (and eating!) homemade ice cream, and Vacation Bible School.  Hello picnics, library storytime, a beach trip, and playground dates.  Hello water balloon fights, homemade car washes, watching fireworks, and going to the zoo.  Hello eating sno-cones, blowing bubbles, playing in the sprinklers, and lots of time spent at the pool.  Hello movie nights at the Amp, grilling out, swimming lessons, and catching fireflies.

Here's to being a little less scheduled, a little more laid back, and a little more tuned in to enjoying the small things.

Hello to our first summer as a family of four! <3

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