Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday!



This mama is beat.  Exhausted.  Overwhelmed.

But in the best possible way.

It has been a busy, chaotic, full, non-stop week.  Mostly because of...

Vacation Bible School.
You guys.
My heart grew this week.  My faith grew.  My relationship with Jesus - well, don't even get me started on Him.  I'd be writing all day! <3
This was my first time teaching VBS, and CK's first time attending.  I got chills multiple times throughout the week... watching, singing, dancing, praising, praying, celebrating during worship rally - having incredible conversations with my fourth-grade girls during Bible study - listening to CK tell me everything she learned on our drive home.  It was a life-changing, faith-growing, heart-exploding kind of experience.

Anyone ever dealt with baby eczema?  CK has a tan complexion and absolutely zero skin issues.  Then comes E - our fair and sensitive-skinned butterball.  His eczema flared up pretty bad over the past couple weeks, and I finally took him to the ped this week because a particular spot had me concerned.  It ended up being infected from the eczema, so we walked out of there with an antibiotic and a steroid cream.  I then took a tip to Target and stocked up what I'd heard were sensitive-skin, eczema-friendly bath soaps, lotions, moisturizers, laundry detergents, and sunscreens.  SO, if you have any suggestions or tips to keep eczema under control in little ones, let me know!

Today was helmet day for our E!!
I was relieved to find out that we will ease into having him wear the helmet, starting with three one-hour sessions today, and gradually increasing over the next few days until Tuesday, when he'll start wearing it for 23 hours a day.  We will go to Atlanta every other week for check-ups and adjustments, and hopefully his noggin' will be rounded out in no time.  Go Rocky, go!

I'm so excited about this weekend!  It'll include some lazy time around the house with my little family, helping to host a baby sprinkle to celebrate one of my very best friends and her almost-here baby boy, swimming at the pool, and also having all of the grandparents in town because...

Everette's church dedication is Sunday!  
We are so excited to present him to the church, asking them to help us raise him to know and love God.  It makes my heart so happy being his mama, and pretty much makes my heart want to explode when I think about teaching him all about Jesus and how it is because of Him that we have our E, our miracle.  So we'll have his dedication Sunday morning, and then I've reserved a private room at a local restaurant to have a celebratory brunch!  Cannot wait!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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