Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, Hi.

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately.

Though it’s pretty narcissistic of me to think that anyone noticed…

Or cared.

But, I’ve started to do what I PROMISED MYSELF I wouldn’t do – count down the days I have left with my silly, ridiculously adorable Cameron Kate.  So, I’m making a concerted effort to soak up every-single-teensy-tiny second I have left with her before it’s back to life, back to re-al-ity.

Which resulted in a neglected blog.

I also told myself that when she napped, (by the way, if she only sleeps for 25 minutes, is that still called a nap?) I’d force myself to RELAX.  Mostly because I couldn’t think of one time this entire summer when I’d actually sat on the couch, and done nothing.

Because the minute she goes down, I’m either cleaning, or blogging, or working on her baby book, or cleaning, or doing laundry, or making grocery lists, or chasing down package-stealing criminals, or couponing, or working out, or cleaning.

So, for this entire week, minus a few – you guess it – cleaning binges, I really have sat my flat mom-butt on the couch during her brief moments of counting sheep and drowned myself in homemade, under-cooked brownies and episodes of Big Brother.

And I plan on doing as much of this as possible – breathing in every ounce, every giggle, every silly moment with this girl…

While I also increase both my waistline (see under-cooked brownies) and my level of stupidity (see Big Brother).

And I’m going to enjoy every minute. J


  1. Sounds like a perfect plan! And flat mom butts are the trend these days. :)

  2. I noticed that you had not updated!! I check pretty much daily! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer!!