Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

We had the perfect vacation introducing Cameron Kate to our favorite place on Earth… the beach!!  We went to the Indian Beach/Atlantic Beach/Salter Path area in North Carolina.  It was definitely a week we will never forget.  I decided it’d be much easier to do a picture dump, rather than write a novel about our week o’ fun.  So enjoy!

I will always remember...

Getting her ready to go on the beach for the first time

Standing by the ocean with my girl in my arms.

Watching her stare at the ocean, wide-eyed...  She was so in awe!

...and watching her try to figure out the sand.

The many, many mouthfuls of sand and sandy diapers.

The very first time she fell asleep on my chest, on the beach... Talk about heaven!

The smiles and giggles while riding on her daddy's shoulders, running down the shore.

The way this little guy kept us all smiling and laughing, constantly.

Spending an entire week with this awesome family.

Breakfast dates on the porch.

Me and Lu with our baby girls asleep.  A dream come true!

How much fun we had breaking our crib-naps rule.

 Watching these two girls, imagining their futures together.

All the time I got to spend with Lu.

CK's first time eating spaghetti!

 What it felt like to be away from the daily stresses and get all wrapped up in not only my little girl, but my handsome hub.

Seeing the three cousins play together.

Happy hours and Cake Vodka.

 Lunches on the beach.  Sandy, but delicious!

Banks teaching Cameron how to share, and giving her a hug when she finally did.

 The lazy afternoons full of smiles and giggles.

Watching Lu with my little girl.

 Banks having no fear of the water, yelling, "Again!"

The most incredible view.

What it felt like being at the beach as a mama... a totally different and wonderful experience!

The morning beach date I had with this little guy, just the two of us.

Our first vacation as a family of three was one I will never, ever forget.

And while I know Cameron Kate won't necessarily remember the first time her toes touched the sand, I look forward to telling her all about it!

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