Saturday, June 9, 2012

To my eight-month-old daughter,

This time last year, I was starting to really get big.  (Probably because I was growing an almost 10 pound baby!)  I lived for your kicks and punches, talked to you in my belly every morning on the way to school, and dreamed of what life would be like once you made your debut.

I had no clue just how incredible being YOUR mom would be.

To say our lives changed at 8:19pm on October 10th is quite an understatement.

The past eight months have gone by oh so quickly!!  And while it sometimes saddens me to see how much you’ve grown, everyday with you is better than the day before.  Each age is my new favorite age.  And we’re having a blast with you, our little eight-month-old!

Your appearance changes by the minute, and I personally think you just keep getting more adorable.  Your hair is growing, slooooowly but surely.  We’ve definitely passed the George Castanza days, but we still can't quite clip in a hair bow!  Your torso is long and lean, like your daddy.  You’ve still got some chunky legs and Popeye arms, but they’re starting to thin out now that you’re mobile.  Your eyes are breathtaking – brownish, blueish, grayish… the color depends on the light.

And you’ve finally sprouted some teeth!  We never saw a drop of drool, but those bottom two teeth just poked right out.  Minus a little fever and some fussiness, teething hasn’t been as terrible as I’d imagined (and now I’m going to knock on some wood).

Speaking of mobility, you are ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE.  Your army crawl has transformed into an all-fours dash, though sometimes you still prefer to maneuver yourself snake-like on your belly.  You will pull yourself up and stand and play – you’re so strong!  You’ll even drop toys, bend over and pick them up, and stand back up.  It seems so simple, I know… but it’s the little things that amaze us mamas!  Your teachers SWEAR you’ll be walking by August, and the director at your school is thinking of starting you in the toddler class by then… TODDLER?!

You love school, and love your teachers, and especially love your classmates.  Apparently you go around pulling the boys’ hair (your dad is so proud!).  You also have a partner-in-crime, Catalina, who drops you poptarts and cheerios from her high chair.  And I know all moms probably think this, but your teachers absolutely adore you.  Just the other day one of them told me that the only way she’d ever want to have a baby girl was if her baby was just like you. J

Speaking of food, you’re now a rockstar at eating baby food, so we’ve just started the adventure of real people food.  Now, your dad is much better at taking the reigns with this, because you make one gagging noise and I wanna start the Heimlich maneuver.  So far all we’ve tried is watermelon – it took three tries, and you finally liked it!  Good thing, because it’s your dad’s most favorite food in the world.

You also LOVE your sippy cup and straw cup.  It appears as though you enjoy drinking water as much as me!  We even let you drink of our water bottles and cups sometimes, which you apparently think is the coolest thing in the world.  Other than water, you’re still all about some “milk milk.”  You’ve even learned the sign for “milk” and get sooo excited when I do it!  In all honesty, I can’t believe we’ve been breastfeeding for EIGHT MONTHS, especially when we had such a rough go of things in the beginning.  I’m so proud of us!  Who knows how long it’ll continue – I take it one day at a time – but I have to admit I treasure those moments with you and being able to provide your main source of nourishment.

Unfortunately, you’ve just started getting a touch of separation and stranger anxiety… and apparently it doesn’t really rear its ugly head unless I’m around.  As tough as it is, I have to say that sometimes it warms my heart when all you want is your mama. J

You just recently started putting your arms up in the air when you want to be picked up, which we LOVE.  But even better than that are the kisses… OH the slobbery kisses.  You give kisses on demand and it melts my heart every time.

But wanna know what melts your dad’s heart?  The way you say “dada” all day long.  Even when I repeat “mama” over, and over, and over – “dada” is all you’ll say.  And that’s okay, because the smile it puts on his face is totally worth it.

Your personality comes out more and more each day… You’re so silly!  We’ll be across the room and hear you giggling… and we’ll look over, and you’re laughing at us!  And you love to stick your tongue out when you’re being funny.  It’s hilarious.  OH you bring us so much joy!!

There are a few toys you’re attached to, but you can’t stand when we stack stuff up and build towers.  You HAVE to knock it down as quickly as possible!

And you absolutely love getting into things you’re not supposed to.  Dog food, dog toys, pieces of carpet, the remote… If one out of a hundred things in the room is something you’re not supposed to touch, you go straight for it.  We’ve just recently started trying to teach you the word “no.”  Apparently you think that’s funny, too.

Another thing you’ve mastered is clapping!  And you seem to think that anytime is a perfect time to clap!  In the car seat, in the high chair, during diaper changes – so cute!

Something I love about you that I hope sticks is your preference of being outside.  I have to give credit to your dad for this one – you absolutely love being outdoors!  Whether it’s walking around the yard, going for a run in the jogging stroller, playing with toys on the deck, or eating your dinner on the porch, you are definitely an outside baby.

So, we’ve taken you on a few outdoor adventures recently!  We went to the zoo for my first Mother’s Day, and had a BLAST.  You were an angel, and were captivated by the elephants.  We also took you to the pool for the first time!  You loved watching people swim and jump off of the diving board… you did NOT love being dunked under the water. But you DO still adore bath time with Dad.  And you’re now in the big girl bath, splashing and playing and having a ball!

But right before bathtime each night, we have a little tradition.  “All aboard the Cameron Express!”  I yell… and you get a big smile on your face.  Then we “choo choo” to our room.  I count to three… “And a 1, and a 2, and a 3333333!!!!!” I throw you on the bed, and we roll around and laugh and play and I tickle you and we throw around the pillows and omigoodness I look forward to these moments all day long.

Like I said, it’s the little things.

You, my Cameron Kate, have made me a better, more selfless, kinder, more patient person.  I just hope one day you’re proud to be my daughter, because being your mama is an absolute honor.
 It's tough to get a picture of this little girl that's not blurry - She does NOT stop moving!
 Sweet girl
 Raise your hand if you're eight months old!
 Smiling for her dad
 Going for the hair bow...
 Anddd straight to the mouth.
 These photo shoots are getting much more difficult!
Andddd we're done!


  1. Hey, good to see you yesterday! Let's try to get the stinkers together sometime soon, deal?