Saturday, June 16, 2012

To My Better Half

You are an incredible dad, for more reasons than I can list in a blog post, but here are just a few…

-Our daughter feels so loved and so safe in your arms.

-She gives the best giggles for you and only you.

-You never hesitate to jump in and help, whether it’s getting her bottles ready, suctioning out boogies, changing a poop diaper, or coating her in sunscreen.

-On the night she was born, you kept asking me if it was okay if you left me so you could go see her in the nursery while they cleaned her up, because you missed her.

-Bath time with you is her favorite part of the day. J  Especially when you sing, “Splish Splash.”

-Cameron Kate looks at you like she looks at no one else.

-You love taking her to Home Depot and Lowes.

-You started our nighttime prayers ritual, which we’ll all treasure for the rest of our lives.

-You’ll take off of work just to have daddy-daughter days.

-You introduced our little girl to the world that exists beyond the walls of our house, and she is now an outdoor-loving baby.

-You love to take her on walks around the yard.

-She LOVES to ride on your shoulders.

-You planted a daddy-daughter garden and made sure CK was there to watch.

-You keep us girls grounded and calm.  You truly are our rock.

-You are the most selfless person I’ve ever known.

I’ll never forget how you coached me while I pushed and pushed and pushed after twenty-one hours of labor.  I will never, ever forget the look on your face while you cheered me on… you were SO excited, telling me I could do it, that you could see her head, that she had hair.

I’ll never forget hearing you say, “It’s a girl!”

I’ll never forget watching you hold our daughter first, the way you looked at her and fell so deeply into love.

I knew in that moment that you were going to be an incredible dad.  And everyday, I am so in awe of you.

Our little girl is incredibly lucky to be your daughter.

I love you, babe.  Happy First Father’s Day.

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