Monday, April 23, 2012


Four.  The number of generations that spent this past weekend together.  G Gram, Bammy, me, and Cameron Kate.  So cool!

Nine.  The number of minutes it took me to get Cameron into her diaper last week.  She is

Six.  The combined number of cupcakes and donuts I ate this weekend.  Oops.

Three.  The size diapers Cameron is now wearing.  She's growing too fast!

Twenty.  The approximate number of minutes I watch tv per day.  My how things have changed!

Seventy-fifth.  The percentile Cameron was in for her weight (17lbs 10 oz) and height (26.75") at her six-month checkup.

Six-and-a-half.  The longest distance I've run since she was born.  I'm getting back into my rhythm!

Seventeen.  The number of times Cameron dropped her sippy cup in the span of two minutes last night.  Her new favorite game.

Three.  The number of inches I got cut off of my hair last week when I FINALLY found time for a haircut.  Too bad I'm going bald, though.  Oh the joys of the postpartum hair shed.  I'm even losing eyelashes!

Forty-three.  I never told anyone... but the number of pounds I gained while pregnant.  Once I got over the nausea, I had fun!

Fifty-four.  The number of pounds I've lost since Cameron was born.  Thank you breastfeeding, running shoes, and Jillian Michaels!

Twenty-nine.  How old I'll be on my birthday this weekend.  Last twenties birthday - ahhh!

Fifteen.  The number of minutes I have to spend in a dunking booth this Friday at my school's Spring Fling.  Lord help me.

Forty.  The number of days I have left of work before I get six straight weeks with my girl... and we can spend our days doing this. 

Come on, summer break!

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