Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Half-Birthday to my Girl!

Cameron Kate,

Happy Half-Birthday!  I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that you have been alive for half of a year.  How in the world are you already six months old?!  I just want you to know, bug, that these have been the happiest, most fulfilling, most incredible six months of our entire lives.

You get bigger and more fun by the minute.  I swear you wake up each day with a little more hair (thank goodness!) and a lot more personality.  We’re starting to see quite a silly side to you, which we adore.  And you’re definitely learning how to manipulate ol’ Mom and Dad.  Fortunately for you, we’re wrapped around those little fingers!

As I said, your hair is sloooowly growing, though we’re not quite ready for hairbows.  I’ve still got a good supply of headbands, though, so we’ll stick to those as long as necessary. J

You’ve got the sweetest, chunkiest legs and arms.  Your dad calls you Popeye!  You have a long torso, just like Daddy.  I mean, could you really look anymore like him?!  It’s fine with me, though, because I happen to think he’s pretty cute. J

You LOVE your “big sister” Bailey.  And she loves you, too!  You are mesmerized by her, watching her and squealing when you get to rub her and squeeze her ears.  You love when she covers you in drooly dog kisses, too!

You are sitting up all by yourself now!  Such a big girl!  It’s so cool to be able to plop you on the floor on your butt, and you’re content to just look around and play with all of your toys.  You’re also army crawling all over the place.  We can’t really leave you by yourself in a room anymore!  And before we know it, you’ll be crawling full speed ahead.  Then our lives will really change!

I love taking you grocery shopping with me, especially now that you can sit in the front of the cart.  As a matter of fact, you are perfectly content being out and about, even if it’s all day long.  You’re so easy going when we run errands, enjoying the new sights and stimulations.

When you’re sitting up, and we clap and cheer for you, you get so excited.  It’s adorable. J

Your giggles are ridiculously cute, melting my heart every time.

You’re doing great with eating baby food – You’re eating cereal/oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and a vegetable and fruit for dinner.  You especially love sweet potatoes.  We often have to work a little harder to get you to eat anything green.

You prefer sleeping on your stomach, with your butt straight up in the air.

You seem to really enjoy going on walks/runs in the jogging stroller with me.  Which is one of my favorite things to do with you. J

You put anything and everything in your mouth.

You love to bang things with your left hand.  It makes us wonder if you’ll be left-handed?

You’re starting to not really care for your paci… Sometimes you want it, sometimes you wave it around and throw it across the room.

You are OBSESSED with watching us drink out of glasses and bottles.  We’ll probably be introducing you to a sippy cup soon!

You finally gave us some baby babbles with “ayayayayayaya.”  In fact, during prayers one night your dad even thanked God for the “yaya’s”!  But wanna know what put the biggest smile on his face?  When the yaya’s changed to “dadadadada.” J

We still sing “You Are My Sunshine” before every nap.

You still love your Glow Seahorse.  You also like to have Sophie everywhere we go.

If possible, you’d spend your entire day outdoors.  You love being outside!

Cameron, you are pure joy.  You are sunshine, a spring rain, and a perfect fall breeze.  You are the best part of my day.  You make me want to be better, do better, with every breath I take.

Happy Half-Birthday to a little girl who makes me feel a fullness in my heart I never knew existed.

I love you to the moon and back and more than anything in this world.
Happy Half-Birthday!
Ok Mom, they get it... I'm six months old.

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