Saturday, April 28, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

We all know I love making to-do lists.  For anything and everything.  I love having my tasks organized, checking off the boxes, and knowing what’s left to be done.  Sometimes, however, I get so focused on accomplishing my to-do’s I forget to stop and enjoy the ride.

         Especially as a full-time working mama.

This morning, I went for my typical 7:30am Saturday morning run.  I had my head down, focused on completing my miles, music blaring in my iPod.  About halfway through, I turned down a path that leads into a wooded area.  For one reason or another, I happened to look up, and it was beautiful.  The trees were so full of bright green leaves, the sun was peeking out from behind a cloud, making these little jagged rays of light.  Sounds simple, but it took my breath away.  (Or maybe it was the running that took my breath away?)  Anyway, here I was, so focused on accomplishing my run… and I realized I NEVER look up to enjoy what’s going on around me.

At that moment, a guy ran past me in jorts.  Had I still had my head down, I would’ve missed it!

Anyway, about a mile later, my iPod died on me.
Now listen – I CANNOT run without music.  It’s like my fuel, especially when it comes to rounding out the last couple miles.  But I didn’t have a choice.  And all of a sudden, I was not only running with my head up, enjoying all of the things to see, I was listening to all kinds of sounds other than Britney Spears (don’t hate)… like the birds announcing the start of a new day, a child giggling in a stroller, and a woodpecker working on a tree.  Again, simple – but enough to give me pause.

I have to admit that Cameron has forced me to live in the moment MUCH more than I used to.  When I’m with her, I’m 100% focused on each moment we have together, especially now that I spend so much time away from her at work.  I love lying next to her on the floor, watching her play and discover new things.  She seems to figure something else out each day – it’s incredible!

But the minute I’m not with her, I’m usually all about tackling my to-do’s… putting my head down and moving down my list to check off the next box.

Tomorrow, I turn twenty-nine.  My last twenties birthday!  And I think it’s time for me to start being a little less to-do oriented, and a little more focused on enjoying the ride.  So here’s to a new year, and an improved me… A me who runs with her head up, and maybe even sometimes with her music turned off.

And by the way… who the heck runs in jorts?!

Just so you get your weekly dose of CK...J

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