Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mashed Potatoes and Donuts

So, this past week I had an undeniable craving for mashed potatoes with gravy and donuts.  Now, sometimes I’ll get a craving that will eventually subside; however, this one was here to stay.  I emailed my hub in the middle of the day on Friday telling him about my craving secretly hoping he’d show up with mashed potatoes and donuts, and his response was, “You are too much.”  And I have to agree.  Mashed potatoes and donuts?!  Really?!  Why can’t I crave like an apple, or carrots?!

Anywho, I still haven’t had a donut.  But on Friday night we decided to take the baby bump to the movies, and you’d better believe we stopped at KFC on the way so I could sneak in a side of mashed potatoes and gravy in my purse.  The good news?  It was delicious.  That bad news?  I still want more.

On to what’s important:  week one of the second half of pregnancy – Yahoo!  It’s all downhill from here (hopefully!), so the countdown begins… 19 weeks to go (IF I last all 40 weeks!).  The little one and I talk every morning while I drive to work, and I keep telling him/her to please stay in there for all 19 weeks because the hub and I have a LOT to do around the house to get ready to become a family of three. J

And boy are we in home improvement mode.  As most of you know, I could live and die by a checklist.  I LOVE making checklists.  With boxes beside each to-do.  There’s just something about checking off those boxes that is so gratifying.  So last week my hub says, “Hey, do you mind making a summer checklist for us?”  Um, do I MIND?!  I would be GLAD to.  And obviously I am rubbing off on him.  So far we’ve painted the den (and by we I mean he), purchased new living room furniture, mounted the television above the fireplace, and purchased a crib and dresser for the nursery.  We still have a LONG way to go, but doing things around the house is just so exciting!

On the pregnancy front, our little one was quite an active little thing on Saturday!  The hub has felt him/her quite a few times, and I’ve seen my stomach bulging from the outside on many, many occasions.  Let me just tell you, this is the coolest.thing.ever.  Feeling the punches and kicks and rolls just makes my day.  And the movements are only supposed to get stronger and more distinct from here on out – I can’t wait!  Today the movement has been a little different – I think the baby may have turned, because I’ve definitely felt movement, but it’s been more like kicks into my pelvic bone… very weird.

What hasn’t been so fun is the continuous, intense hip pain.  YEESH.  The giant spread must be on the go again, because for the past week or so it has been rough.  The pain literally wakes me up throughout the night every hour, on the hour.  But the good part of it is that when I wake up, I can usually feel the little bug moving around in there, so I just lie awake and revel in each little poke.  It’s like our little secret. J

I am also beginning to realize that running is probably pretty much over until after the little one arrives.  But let’s be real for a second, because you can’t really call what I’ve been doing running – it’s more like trotting.  Anyway, semantics aside, doing anything other than walking is starting to kill my back and give me sharp cramps.  I plan on asking the doc about the cramps, but they go away once I stop running.  As my hub says, it’s probably time to stick to walking.  I have to say, my sister-in-law pretty much ran up until she delivered and I have NO clue how she did it.  I always said I would be on a run when my water broke because I planned to keep it up the whole way through – riiiiiiight.

Well, I’m off to hit the books – I have my school administrator’s licensure exam next weekend, and the studying has got to continue. L  I’m trying to stay calm during this stressful time… 7 more days of school with kids, 6 more days of work after that, two months left of grad school – then it’s all about our soon-to-be family of three! J

Baby Peele... 21 Weeks!
Hub's friend asked me if I was sure I wasn't due in August... Yeesh!

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