Sunday, June 19, 2011


That’s how many people asked me today about my baby!!  Why am I so excited?!  Because I think I’ve officially made the turn from pudgy, to pudgier, to baby bump.  Obviously the people who know I’m pregnant can see a definite bump.  But these were complete strangers, out in public, asking me about when I was due!!  It may be because I finally crawled out of my grad school hole long enough to take the baby bump out in public, but I have to admit that being visibly pregnant is very exciting. J

Beyond the excitement, my most recent moments of neurosis have to do with me analyzing and overanalyzing the size of my belly.  Looking at it in the mirror from every angle, in every light, trying to figure out if it’s getting smaller.  Yep, that’s my new worry of the moment – that my belly is in fact not growing, but shrinking.  Is there ever a dull moment in my brain?!  Yeesh.  If only my brain would give my blood pressure a break.  The funny thing is that at my 20 week appointment, my belly was measuring 23cm.  (For those of you unaware of the pregnant-lady belly measurements, the doc measures your belly at each appointment.  In theory, the measurement should correspond to the number of weeks you are pregnant.)  So now that I’ve explained it all so clearly, you can see that my belly was measuring 3cm or 3 weeks big.  The doctor wasn’t concerned at all, said there’s quite a range it can fall between.  Plus I’ve always had a pretty short, square torso, which I think explains why I started showing so early.

Anywho, why the heck am I overanalyzing the size of my belly when last time I checked it was measuring big?  Who knows.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  I’m trying to understand that our bodies go through spurts during pregnancy – gain 1 pound here, gain 10 pounds there, grow 4 cm here, grow 1 cm there.  But thank goodness I go for my monthly check up this week, so I can get some peace of mind.  (Which will probably only last for the hour or so following the appointment. J)

As I’ve written about over and over, I simply cannot get enough of feeling the little one move.  On Saturday morning I woke up, sat up, and half of my belly was gone.  No, this is not me overanalyzing again – literally, my baby bump was completely lopsided.  I woke my hub up, and we realized that the baby was laying all the way toward the left of my stomach.  You could literally feel the little body pressed up against that side of my belly!  It was so cool!  My hub kept poking at the bug, trying to get him/her to move, and he/she definitely started wiggling around.  Though I think he/she was quite annoyed, because he's/she’s since flipped around with his/her back facing out and is only kicking me from the outside in - toward my pelvic bone and toward my back.

In other EXCITING news, I got the invitation to my baby shower!!!  My sisters have been planning their little hearts out, and the theme was a secret until the invitation came in the mail.

It’s going to be Baby Peele’s Sweet Shop!  I can’t wait!!

This weekend, we also got to celebrate the hub’s first Father’s Day, or Father-to-be Day.  I wanted to do a little something for him, so I got up early Sunday morning and made him some homemade donuts to serve him breakfast in bed.  YES, they were for him, despite my post about mashed potatoes and donuts a few weeks ago. J  I must say, they were DELICIOUS!
Some were cinnamon sugar, some were powdered sugar
Bailey trying to sneak a donut... She ended up with a head full of powdered sugar!

I also got him the baby a little apron that says, “Dad’s Little Helper” with the Wake Forest logo.  Unfortunately, it won’t be here until tomorrow, so I just wrapped up a picture of it.

Other than my neurotic brain, a lopsided stomach, homemade donuts, and a kid’s apron, we’ve just been truckin’ along in the Peele house.  I have THREE more days of work before summer break starts, and I’ll be done with grad school in a little over a month.  We’re still running full speed ahead with the home improvement projects – Hub installed lights in my closet and in the nursery closet.  Next up we hope to clear out the nursery so we can start putting the furniture together!

By the way, I’m finally getting my homemade, grilled out burger tonight via Fresh Market and the hub/grill master.  Based on the homemade donuts and bacon cheeseburger, I’m obviously not too concerned about tomorrow’s inevitable weigh-in. J

P.S.  Have you heard about McDonald’s new Rolo McFlurry?!  DIVINE!!!
P.P.S.  In case you're wondering about the progress of my belly button, it still hasn't popped yet.  But it's getting more and more shallow!
23 Weeks!
23 Weeks in horizontal stripes!  (Hub says this shirt does make my belly look smaller... that REALLY helped my neurosis!)
Bailey trying to sneak in the bump picture... (I know, nice slippers, huh?)
I think someone is already jealous!!

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