Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guerilla Warfare

As I got dressed today my hub walked in while I was strapping on my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.  I understand that term is cheesy, and outdated, but I’m only referring to it as that because these days, that’s exactly what it looks like.  His words were, “Geez, you look like you’re getting strapped in for guerilla warfare.”  Oh, the joys of pregnancy clothes, especially undergarments. J

I’ve got to make this one short because the day has gotten away from me and I still have tons to do before dinner.  A dinner I am SO looking forward to by the way.  You see, last week at school one of the secretaries was eating the most delicious-looking cheeseburger I have ever seen… and I’ve been dreaming about it since then.  So I asked my hub yesterday if we he could grill out burgers tonight, which he quickly agreed to do; however, we’ve both been running around like crazy today between grad school work and home improvement tasks, so we just decided to scrap the whole making dinner ourselves bit and we’re headed to 5 Guys very shortly.  Thank goodness I went on a 4-mile walk today and almost died in the heat.

I’ve had a heck of a week, and I am counting down the days until life slows down a bit.  Two more days of school with kids, six more days of work after that, and a month and a half left of grad school.  The end of July cannot come soon enough!  The worst part of this week was that I had my School Administrators Licensure exam on Saturday.  It was a doozie.  Though I’m not sure what was worse – the exam itself or not being able to eat or drink for five hours straight.  The website said we’d get a ten minute break between the 100 multiple choice and 7 essays – but I’m guessing our test administrator missed that memo.  So my water bottle and granola bar (and crackers and raisins and Sweettarts) sat lonely in my purse.  It was pure misery.  I won’t find out my results for a month, so in the meantime I’m attempting to stop overanalyzing whether I overanalyzed the questions and if I bubbled in everything correctly.

The best part about having the licensure exam was that my hub played Top Chef on Friday night.  Crab stuffed sirloin, bread, mashed potatoes (!!), and homemade Caesar salad – omigosh.  It was awesome and definitely made me smarter for the exam.

Back to the wardrobe front – I have been agonizing over finding a bathing suit for this summer.  You see, I bought a tankini, which my hub quickly let me know he was not a fan of – apparently he wants me to show off my belly with pride this summer!  Anywho, I finally ordered a bikini online in a few sizes larger than my normal clothes… and that was a disaster.  And a riot.  I quickly returned it and convinced my hub to help me find a bathing suit on Saturday night – and we found two!!  Hopefully they will last throughout the summer, especially for our family’s weeklong beach extravaganza in August.  I must admit that I am relieved to have found at least something to wear to cover up my bits.

I think the little one (now the size of a papaya, I might add!) liked the bathing suits, too… After we got home, he/she was putting on quite a little show and the hub got to SEE the baby move AND feel the little bug quite a few times!

Ok, off to my cheeseburger in paradise.  For the record, I found a healthy, delicious recipe for Greek chicken salad sandwiches that I made for my lunches this week, and I plan on having a salad for dinner tomorrow night… but in the meantime, I will certainly be enjoying my juicy cheeseburger and oh-so-greasy French fries. J
Smile Baby Peele!
22 Weeks!!

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