Tuesday, October 25, 2016

They See Me Strollin'

As a stay-at-home mama of THREE littles, there is only so much time we can spend indoors before we all go stir-crazy.  We are an outside-loving family.  And also a neighborhood-walking/running-loving family.

So when Britax and Atlanta Area Moms Blog provided me with the opportunity to try out the new, 2017 B-Ready Stroller, I jumped at the chance.

I consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to strollers - in fact, before adding the B-Ready to our repertoire, we already had six - yes SIX - different strollers in our garage.

So now, we're up to seven.


I can honestly get rid of quite a few of my strollers now that I have the B-Ready!  And I'm not sure who is more excited to have more garage space - me or my hub!!

So, let me tell you why the B-Ready can handle almost all of your strollin' needs...

I was so excited when the box arrived, but decided not to even open it until T got home since he is the master of putting together ALL THE THINGS.  Once the kids were in bed, he got down to business and was quick to let me know that it was one of the easiest kid-related items he had ever assembled.  He didn't even have to crack open the instructions - it really was that easy.

Because it was nighttime, I wasn't able to test it out other than pushing it across our kitchen - so we loaded it into the car in anticipation of the celebratory picnic we'd be having with other Atlanta moms in the morning...

So bright and early on a Tuesday we met at a local park, and as I loaded Everette and strolled over to the shelter I immediately fell in love with E's new ride.  It was definitely the smoothest stroller I'd ever pushed in my five years of motherhood!

We celebrated Britax and all things B-Ready with some yummy treats thanks to Squash Blossom Kitchens while listening to the stroller experts tell us all about the features of the B-Ready.  Some of these I had already discovered, and all of them gave me even more reason to l-o-v-e our new stroller!

~There are twelve different seating options/arrangements.  TWELVE.  What other stroller gives you that many options?!
~There are all kinds of extras you can purchase to make your B-Ready even better.  I chose the second seat so that I can have 2/3 kids happily contained at one time.
~The top seat can be forward-facing or rear-facing - depending on your mood and if you'd rather look at your kid or not.  Ha!  The top seat is for kids ages six months to 55 pounds.  (To give you some perspective, my five-year-old isn't even close to 55 pounds and can happily ride in it!)
~The second/bottom seat is from birth to 35 pounds.  It lays down flat, so yes, Brooks can safely and comfortably join us while we're strollin'.
~Do the brakes on strollers ever drive you crazy?!  Maybe it's just me?  Well, the brake on this stroller is the best one I've ever encountered.
~It is the most user-friendly stroller ever, you guys.  It's just so intuitive and every aspect of it just makes sense.  It was clearly designed by a mama!
~There is a zipper storage compartment on the bottom, so all of the things you throw under there aren't just hanging out and available for people to grab.

The Britax experts made me love our ride even more, and I couldn't wait to take it around our neighborhood... where it did not disappoint!  I usually only take the BOB stroller (also made by Britax, by the way!) for our walks/runs, so I was anxious to see how the B-Ready would compare.  And I loved it.  It was so smooth and so comfortable for the kids... and my older two were arguing over who got to sit in the top seat!
Thanks to Britax, we're all much happier when we're out and about... and we also have a lot more space in our garage!

*This post was sponsored by Britax, but all commentary/opinions are my own.

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