Monday, October 10, 2016

A Whole Hand



Sometimes when my kids call me mama, I still have to do a double-take - are they talking to me?  ME?!  I'M A MOM?!  When did that happen?  Am I even old enough to be a mom?

It all still feels so surreal.

And now, I am the mom of a five year old.



To my girl,

Today you are a whole hand!  And you are so incredibly excited about your birthday.

Me?  Well, I have mixed emotions.

I am sad that you are already five... 

...sad that five years have already passed since I heard your daddy yell, "It's a girl!"

...sad that five years have already gone by since you made me a mama.

...sad that five years of you have already happened.


I am so proud of you, my five-year-old.  So proud of the little girl that you are - a little girl who wants to please her mommy and daddy, who adores her little brothers, who cares so much about her friends, and who loves Jesus.

A little girl who is still obsessed with her Ellie, who thinks preschool is just about the best thing ever, and who loves raspberries, watermelon, pizza, and Smarties.

A little girl who needs time to warm up to new people and new situations, who doesn't function well when she's tired, and who loves to come out of her room once we've put her to bed.

A little girl who is so incredibly smart, so incredibly kindhearted, and so incredibly thoughtful.

A little girl who is type-A OCD, who still loves long sleeves, and who has an amazing imagination.

A little girl who is stubborn, who hates having sticky hands, and who wants to take care of everyone around her - especially her baby dolls and her little brothers. 

A little girl who, more than anything, just wants you to stop what you're doing and play with her.

A little girl who changed my life in the absolute best way possible five years ago today.

You are my mini-me, my sunshine, my best.

I love you, Cameron Kate, to the moon and back and more than anything in this world.  Thank you for the past five years, for making me want to spend every second I'm given trying to be a better person, a better woman, a better mama.

You make me so proud, bug, every single day.

Happy whole hand!

-Mama <3

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