Sunday, October 9, 2016

One Month of Brooks!

It's been one whole month with our sweet caboose.


How is that even possible?!

Wasn't this just yesterday??

Our first month as a family of five has been a whirlwind - we've been learning how to navigate our new normal, trying to keep everyone afloat and happy and.. well.. alive.

It has been the fastest, happiest, most exhausting month of my entire life.  

And I cannot describe the feeling of peace I have knowing that our family is complete -

Because of you, Brooks, my heart feels full and whole and like all of its pieces have found their place.

We all love you so very much.  Your dad is still in disbelief that he has two sons, your big sister thinks she's your little mama, and your older brother is equally curious and infatuated.  <Don't mind his attempts to remove your limbs.. he's still trying to figure you out>

And me?  Well, I am just so proud to be your mama, and I am not sure what we ever did without you here.  I am breathing in every breath of you - my last baby - as you are already growing way too quickly.

You resemble your brother and sister, but also have such a unique little look that is all you.  Your hair is getting so light - and your eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde.  Your eyes are bluer than CK's and E's ever were - I secretly hope you'll have my eye color!

You are the loudest, gassiest, most spitting-up baby I've ever seen!  You poop all the time, hate a dirty diaper, and love a paci.  You recognize our voices and are starting to smile at us, which makes my mama heart want to explode.

And you make the sweetest little sounds that I call your chipmunk noises... <3

Thank you for surprising us, thank you for completing our family, thank you for making my heart whole.

I love you enough, I love you so big.



  1. He is wonderful! We adore you, Brooks!!

    1. One day you will be able to squeeze him in person!