Friday, May 13, 2016

More-Than-Five on Friday!

Can I get a HALLELUJAH, it's FRIDAY!

Because whew, what a week.

--The week started with a bang Monday morning when E woke up extra early, screaming and crying and screaming some more.  This is completely unlike our little guy, and when I walked into his room the smell hit me like a ton of bricks.  Without going into too much disgusting detail, let's just say the morning started with a bath for him, followed by a shower for me, followed by throwing away his pajamas, soaking and cleaning his bedding, and a full wipe-down of every crib slat.  We're not sure what was going on, but the rest of the week (until yesterday) I dealt with a fussy, clingy, constantly-crying, always-unhappy Everette.  So yes, PRAISE FRIDAY.  Good news is he seems to be back to his normal self, and we are all so glad!!

--Also?  CK got strep again last week... the third time since December.  Which means conversations have started about a possible tonsillectomy.  We're all hopeful that her throat will calm itself now that school is coming to a close... after two sets of tubes and an adenoidectomy, we do NOT want to have to take her tonsils out!

--And speaking of school coming to a close - I can smell and feel and taste and hear summer!! CK's last day of 3k preschool is Wednesday, and then we will welcome summer with open arms!  So, so excited to spend more time with my girl, soak in days at the pool, take our crew on our yearly beach trip with my side of the family, and watch CK try new things at a few camps this summer!

--This is a little belated, but I had such a great Mother's Day weekend!  Saturday I spent all day just me and the girl who made me a mama - her last soccer game, fun at our tiny town's Mayfest celebration, and snuggling on the couch eating boiled peanuts while watching Annie.  And then Sunday included a family breakfast at IHOP, a solo grocery trip, a nap, taking my baby bump for a run around the neighborhood, and grilling out cheeseburgers in our backyard.  The icing on the cake?  A surprise spa gift certificate from my hubby!  Yippee!!

--And this is a lot belated, but I also had a wonderful birthday weekend!  We traveled to NC to visit my sis and her family and also attend my cousin's wedding.  T and my sister made sure I felt special turning 33 (!), and the wedding was beautiful and such a fun gathering of most all of my extended family.  

--And now, let me please introduce you to one of the most precious newborns I have EVER seen:
My little sister had her baby boy, Finn!  I love him so much already and cannot wait to get my hands on him.  She was a rockstar during her labor and delivery, and my newest nephew made a pretty rapid entrance into our lives (and our hearts) on Cinco de Mayo.  We're so excited to have you on this side, sweet Finn!

--I'm finally getting into the Snapchat game!  I'd love if you wanted to follow our shenanigans (jmpeele) and I'd love to follow you back... I think it's such a fun way to peak into each others worlds!!

--I am in love with this article about kids and summer.

--I'm also in love with this tiny foot, which I got to see at another ultrasound we had a week and a half ago... <3

--You guys, the month of June is cRaZy for us!  I'm enjoying a sort of slow May right now, because I know in a few weeks things are going to be nonstop!!

--We officially started a chore chart and allowance with CK and so far, it's been great.  I bought this one, and right now we're focusing on three tasks - feeding our dog Bailey, making her bed, and keeping her room clean.  So far, girl has been rocking it!  If she does all of her tasks everyday of the week, she gets $1 on Saturdays for an allowance.  I can't believe she's old enough to earn an allowance!!

--Lately, my pregnant appetite wants Laffy Taffy and the same breakfast every morning - 2 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of turkey bacon.  Oh, and I have to have an apple pretty much everyday.

--And lately, my pregnant body has been packing on the lbs (see:  SEVEN POUNDS IN ONE MONTH).  Y'all, I swear I don't eat all day long.  And I exercise (walk/jog 2.5-3 miles and lift weights almost every single day).  I know my body likes to put on pounds while pregnant - it did the same with both CK and E - but whew I had some sticker shock when I saw that recent weight gain at the doc!

--And one more pregnancy update - my hip and leg pain at night has been almost unbearable!  Another thing that I'm used to while with child, but it makes me toss and turn and toss some more, all.night.long.

--You guys, my Fitbit broke, again.  This is, I think, my fifth one?  Every time it breaks I swear I'm done with it for good, but then I call customer service and they immediately overnight me a new one for free.  So I keep on Fitbit'ing.  One day I really want to get the new Fitbit (which is like a Garmin), and one day I really really want to get an actual Garmin.  One day!

And with that, cheers to a weekend of a few plans (but not too many!), lazy mornings, kids playing barefoot in the backyard, and soaking up lots of time with our little family of four.  <3 Have a good one!

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